Sector Seven pays Bumblebee a visit, and the Decepticons pay a visit to Sector Seven.


Optimus Prime asks Sam if he's related to Archibald Witwicky and introduces the Autobots (which Mikaela coins) to the humans: Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Bumblebee. Prime educates the humans on the Autobots' mission to find the All Spark, what it is, and who Megatron and the Decepticons are, along with Cybertron's war. He also lets Sam know that the All Spark's location is imprinted on Archibald's glasses and that if Megatron finds it, he will use its power to rebuild his armies.

Scorponok's tail is studied and it's discovered that the Transformers are sensitive to temperature.

Sam returns home and Mikaela is snuck into his room to help look for the glasses. The Autobots attempt to be inconspicuous but Jazz leans against a power line and is shocked, knocking out power to the home. Prime continues to talk to Sam, making his parents suspicious until Mikaela reveals herself. When they finally recover the backpack containing the glasses, Sector Seven arrive and take Sam and Mikaela due to his report of the transforming car to the police. Sam plays dumb and Optimus Prime rips the roof off the SUV while Jazz takes the agents' guns. The agents are not that impressed with the giant f*cking robots and backup soon arrives. Using a pulse blast, the Autobots attempt to escape with the humans but when Mikaela almost falls from Optimus Prime beneath a bridge, Bumblebee and Sam save her, but are caught in the process. Prime and the Autobots decide not to pursue but instead to locate the All Spark, which Prime plans to merge with his Spark to destroy it and end the Cybertronian wars.

Banachek fills general Keller in about Sector Seven and the Transformers on Earth and the group take off in helicopters to the Hoover Dam. Frenzy, riding in Mikaela's backpack, jumps out and alerts the other Decepticons to Sector Seven's location; Barricade, Starscream, Brawl, Bonecrusher, and Blackout travel toward Hoover Dam. Inside, Sam and Mikaela exchange their knowledge of Transformers with the agents while on their way to see "N.B.E.-1", who is actually Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.

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  • En route to Hoover Dam, Maggie tells Sam that she "caught an alien hacking into Air Force One"... which is odd considering this is her first appearance in the movie adaption mini-series, and Frenzy's intrusion into the defense network was discovered by an operator on board of Air Force One in issue 1. (Glen, meanwhile, is entirely absent from the comic adaption.)

Items of note

  • "Bonus material 3.0": Pull-out poster of Optimus Prime vs Megatron, burning Autobot logo pin-up, Megatron pin-up, interview with Activision's Daniel Suarez, Transformers The Game coupon.

Differences with movie

  • At Sam's house, much of Ratchet's time in the spotlight as depicted in the movie is taken over by the other Autobots: The comic portrays Jazz backing into the power lines, and Sam's room is illuminated by light from Optimus Prime's eyes.
  • In the movie, Ironhide is taking out several speeding Sector Seven vehicles with a shock wave sent through the ground. In the comic adaptation, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to "utilize a combined pulse blast" to the same effect, which is depicted as some sort of energy force field bubble surrounding the Autobots.
  • The scene with Optimus Prime telling the other Autobots that he is willing to join the All Spark with the Spark in his chest is set right after Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee have been captured by Sector Seven. The Autobots are assembling under the bridge late at night, rather than regrouping at Griffith Observatory in broad daylight.
  • Frenzy calls the other Decepticons immediately after infiltrating Sector Seven's headquarters. In the movie itself, he didn't call them until he had located the All Spark.
  • Furthermore, Frenzy's body is also not restored by the All Spark—rather, he asks Barricade to bring his body...which never actually happens, as Frenzy is never seen again after this scene. (He doesn't appear at all in issue 4.)
  • Also when Frenzy summons the Decepticons, Barricade is still inside the canyon he ended up in following his battle with Bumblebee in the previous issue, still in robot mode, rather than driving around the city in vehicle mode.
  • When Sam and Mikaela arrive at the Hoover Dam, Simmons is portrayed a lot more rude than in the movie, grabbing Mikaela by her standard female grab area.
  • Not that Alex Milne's renditions of the movie cast particularly resemble the actors portraying them, but John Keller and Tom Banachek need to be pointed out in particular, looking nothing at all like Jon Voight and Michael O'Neill. Banachek doesn't even have a mustache!
  • Instead of negotiating Mikaela's juvenile criminal record (which is never mentioned in the comic adaptation at all) being purged, Sam asks Banachek to promise him not to hurt Bumblebee in return for sharing his knowledge. Banachek then orders to perform "passive scans only" (which obviously didn't happen in the movie).
  • John Keller's line about "facing war against a technological civilization far superior to our own" (which appeared in the theatrical trailer for the movie, but not in the movie itself) is given to Simmons instead, used when he, Sam, Mikaela and everyone else take an elevator ride down into Sector Seven's headquarters inside Hoover Dam.

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