Move Out! Rescue Team is the fifth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on April 18, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Holi's fellow Rescue Team members arrive on Earth just in time to help when the Decepticons attack an amusement park.


On a tiny desert island, the Dinoforce are busy training. As Yokuryū weaves through the air to avoid coconuts lobbed by Doryū and Gōryū wrestles with Gairyū, Kakuryū uses a tree for a punching bag, only to wind up being crushed beneath it when he accidentally uproots it. Leozack soon arrives, and instructs the Dinoforce to come with him to help in his latest plan.

Victory moveout teleport

(Insert joke about Scotty and beaming here)

Meanwhile, at the Autobots' Shuttle Base, Holi and Jean are showing Illumina around (and, of course, arguing in the process). Shortly after Illumina is given a demonstration of the base's teleporters, the group is met by Boater, Fire and Pīpō, the other members of Holi's Rescue Team, who have just arrived on Earth. Holi is not particularly happy with their overly-familiar attitude towards him, and instructs them to call him "leader," much to Jean and Illumina's amusement. After introductions, Illumina realizes that she is late for a trip to the Ocean Exhibition amusement park with her friends. But wouldn't you know it? The Ocean Exhibition is the target of Leozack and the Dinoforce!

Victory moveout girls

How come fans obsess over Minerva and not them? Err... actually, don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

Leozack intends to take over the park and convert it into a base for himself, revealing to Gōryū his intention to one day overthrow Deathsaurus and lead the Decepticons himself. Gōryū isn't particularly impressed, but decides to go along with the stunt anyway, and the Dinoforce attack just as Illumina and her friends are watching a dolphin show. The park is quickly decimated, and Leozack lectures the humans on his greatness from atop an archway while Kakuryū messes around with some of the park's attractions, and winds up collapsing two pillars on top of himself. Illumina and her friends, meanwhile, have taken refuge with a large group of other park patrons. When a young girl named Emily wanders into the path of some precarious wreckage, Illumina dives to save her and both of them are buried beneath the rubble.

News of the attack quickly reaches the Autobots, and Star Saber leads the Brainmasters and the Rescue Team to the rescue of the guests. Towed by Star Saber and Boater, the whole team water-skis to the park, where Jean begins searching for Illumina. Leozack positions himself in front of a building full of humans forcing the Autobots to hold back, but the Dinoforce don't quite manage to grasp his strategy, and the Brainmasters are able to lure them away and fight them properly. With Leozack distracted by this moment of sheer stupidity, Star Saber uses the V-Star to evacuate the building Leozack is exploiting, and swordfights with him as Saber. Meanwhile, as the Rescue Team continue to carry the humans to safety, Jean and Holi find the buried Illumina and Emily, and Holi manages to lift the rubble long enough for them to run to safety. At the same time, the battle between the Brainmasters and Dinoforce escalates into a fight between Road Caesar and Dinoking, but when Saber recombines with the V-Star into Star Saber and sends Leozack fleeing, Dinoking takes a critical hit and joins the Breastforcer in escaping.

Victory moveout leoarch

Hold on... this isn't St. Louis!

Back at the Decepticon base, Leozack attempts to bluff Deathsaurus by claiming that his goal was to make a seawater energy conversion base. Deathsaurus says nothing and silently stalks away, with Leozack stammering and shouting after him while the Dinoforce all snicker.

As the Autobots finish up their clean-up operations at the park, Holi happily reports that the last group of humans is being taken to safety as they speak, and that there were no casualties. Jean compliments Holi on his leadership skills, but Holi points out that that's because he is the leader. After much over-the-top laughter, the Autobots prepare to start repairing the damage to the park, and Boater shouts out from across the ocean not to forget about him.


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Animation and/or technical glitches

Victory moveout scaleproble

Holy crap! That's a massive Fire.

  • That old saw, scale is insanely out of whack this episode in regards to the Micromasters. Sometimes they're towering over the humans, other times they're barely taller than them. It's particularly noticeable with Boater, who transforms inside the base into a boat that could maybe fit one person, then later on he's huge enough to carry dozens of passengers.

Real world references

  • While "sparring" with the tree and playing with the park attractions, Kakuryū sings the show's closing theme tune, "Cybertron Banzai" ("Hooray for the Autobots"), or more specifically, its repeated refrain of "chinchinchin chichinpui!" This is a nonsense phrase similar to "abracadabra" used to accompany the idea of making something magically disappear. It might be said, for instance, by mother kissing a wounded knee as part of the whole idea of making the pain go away. Specifically, in the song itself, it refers to the Autobots getting rid of the Decepticons, or if you prefer, making "the bad guys all go… chinchinchin chichinpui!"
Victory moveout waterski


  • After a brief chewing out by Gōryū, Kakuryū really lets the tree have it with a howl of "Dosukoi!" This is another semi-nonsense word, specifically used by sumo wrestlers.

Transformers references

  • The Autobots continue the fine tradition of Transformers loving water sports (get your mind out of the gutter), by water-skiing into battle this time.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • This episode is the first appearance of the entire Rescue Patrol team, with the debut of Fire, Pīpō and Boater.
  • Jean is shocked to discover that Holi is the leader of a team. Guess Holi just never mentioned it.
  • Jean and Holi tell Illumina that there are teleport pods in every room in the base. Considering how many of them there must be (there's usually enough for every character who happens to be hanging around) that must make the smaller rooms in the base pretty cramped.
Victory moveout transout

I'm outta here, you're crazy!

  • Gairyū's Trans-Out (that is, exiting his shell) sequence this episode, while styled after the typical stock-animation Trans-Out sequence is actually a unique piece of animation which features a view of him coming out of his shell not seen elsewhere. It's neat. Plus, his shell is totally wigging out at the time.








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