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Moustache Man is a Decepticon holographic avatar in the Movie continuity family.

The real reason they have mustaches is so that they can twirl something while contemplating the conquest of the universe.

The Moustache Man is a holographic image, and the means by which the Decepticons can operate within the United States military branches and law enforcement agencies without gaining the attention that an otherwise driver-less vehicle would obviously attract. While the Moustache Man can appear in different uniforms appropriate for the vehicle disguise his owner has assumed, the hologram appears to have only one face with a fake mustache.

Moustache Man has a piercing, icy stare and the tendency to flicker before his owner carries out an operation.


Prime Directive prequel comic

Barricade and Blackout are the first to scan and destroy any Earth vehicles for disguises when arriving on the planet. It can be assumed that the original Moustache Man was the operator of one of these two vehicles, mimicked to complete the disguise. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 1

Transformers film

Actor: Brian Reece

Blackout's Moustache Man activated

Blackout activates the Moustache Man as his 'human' pilot when he arrives at SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar, successfully tricked the human soldiers. Colonel Sharp, the base commander, orders Moustache Man to power down Blackout and disembark his crew or risk being killed. Moustache Man flickers before Blackout transforms and destroy the base.

Later, after Air Force One is forced to make an emergency landing, Barricade drives up next to the plane with his Moustache Man activated, earning not a second glance from many police officers, military personnel and the Secret Service agents guarding the plane. He reacts to Frenzy's complaints about being shot at by human agents and report of his failure to successfully retrieve the information they were after with their intended target.

Starscream's Moustache Man activated

Tracking down ladiesman217, Barricade's Moustache Man tricks the boy into believing he is a real police officer. The human recounts his escape from his car that was following him and demands the Moustache Man to exit the vehicle. Needless to say, he doesn't, but instead turned Barricade's movements as he knocks Sam with his car door.

After Frenzy reports the location of the All Spark, Starscream's Moustache Man activates and sits in his owner's cockpit impassively as Starscream orders the other Decepticons to mobilize. It is unknown if the Moustache Man is being projected during the battle over Mission City.

Revenge of the Fallen film

Starscream is seen with the Moustache Man in his cockpit whenever he's in the jet mode, most noticeably when he orders Rampage to "spring the trap." Considering he's no longer disguising himself from humans because of his tattoos painted in his jet mode.


  • The Decepticon holographic avatar is referred to as "Mustache Man" in the script. He is credited as "Moustache Man" in the film.
  • In the February 28, 2006 revision of the script, Bumblebee has the same holographic driver as the Decepticons! Although presumably removed from later drafts because it makes no sense, Bumblebee's Moustache Man shows up in Transformers: The Movie Storybook, and is mentioned by Barricade in the Transformers Autobots DS game when he is escaping from Bumblebee with the "Project Iceman" information ("a white male with brown hair and a moustache"). Similarly, Animated Prowl uses a "moustache man" hologram in his vehicle mode, though with the series' trend of long chins, as well as the "man's" face resembling Prowl's own. But hey, at least he's blending in, kinda.
  • Brian Reece, the actor who plays Moustache Man, was actually the real pilot of one of the two MH-53 Pave Low helicopters used as Blackout's alternate mode. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg both agreed that he looked exactly what they had pictured Moustache Man to look like, and as a result, he had to change his wedding and honeymoon schedules so that he could film all of Moustache Man's scenes for the Transformers movies. Now that's real devotion. [1][2]
  • Bonecrusher may have the Moustache Man as well. A human driver can be seen in Bonecrusher in the highway seen, very briefly and not very clearly. It is possible, however, that it was the actual driver that the effects house forgot to erase.
  • If you pause the movie while the image is flickering, ironically enough, you see the face of Optimus Prime..... yeah....


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