Mountain Dew Robots are Real Gear Robots in the Movie continuity family.
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Mountain Dew Robots operate in secret on Earth. Although only one individual member is known (or more), the existence of a divergent future timeline in which an entire complex known as Dew City is built implies that they may be as numerous as the Chevy Autobots. At the very least, there's probably a red one. And a blue one. And two black ones. And a diet one...

The origin of the Mountain Dew Robots is unknown. They might be aliens.

Mountain Dew Robots have not been identified as either Autobot or Decepticon. Dewbot, in fact, sports the Mountain Dew logo on his forehead where a faction symbol would normally go. Given what little is known about them, the Mountain Dew Robots might even represent their own faction. A faction of REFRESHMENT.

Note: The Capture the Cube online game allows winning players to enter Dewbot into the ranks of the "Elite Mountain Dew Robots". Presumably, these elites are a subset of all MDRs, but it is possible that the group as a whole is more properly referred to by this name.

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