Mountain Dew is a soda in the Movie continuity family.
Mountain Dew

Preferred drink of feral robots everywhere!

Mountain Dew is a soda, green in color and served in vending machines, that seems to have connections to several insidious things—the Mountain Dew Robots and Dew City, namely.


Transformers film

Air Force One possessed a store of Mountain Dew cans when a flight attendant went into storage to get the President of the United States Ding Dongs.

When Sam Witwicky accidentally activated the All Spark during his flight from the Decepticons in Mission City, the artifact's radiation animated a Mountain Dew soda machine into a robot, named Dispensor. Transformers

At an undetermined point in time, a mischievous Toaster took a poor man's last Mountain Dew bottle.

Capture the Cube

Dewbot, a Mountain Dew Robot, was disguised as a Mountain Dew vending machine. Capture the Cube

Transform Your Summer

The Earth was transformed into Dew City, where a green city covered the landscape, and all water was transformed into Mountain Dew. The cause is unknown, but may be connected to a near-collision of the All Spark and a Mountain Dew bottle in space.

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