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Mount Verona is a volcano in the Generation One continuity family.

Mount Verona is a dormant volcano located in Oregon.


Marvel Comics UK continuity[]

Galvatrons Power Siphon


When Galvatron travelled back in time he attempted to gain godlike powers by harnessing the energy of the Earth’s core. He built a power siphon on top of the crater of the Mount Verona volcano. The siphon would convert the energy of the volcano’s eruption into limitless energy which Galvatron planned to absorb. Burning Sky!

The siphon was ultimately destroyed when during a battle with Ultra Magnus, Galvatron accidentally destroyed a vital piece of equipment that caused the volcano to erupt. The explosion buried Ultra Magnus and Galvatron deep inside the volcano where they were assumed to have perished. Vicious Circle!

Several months later the human archaeologist Susan Hoffman was exploring the volcano crater and discovered the bodies of Galvatron and Ultra Magnus encased in hardened lava. The Combaticons were despatched by Shockwave to destroy Mount Verona and Galvatron with it by planting explosives around the circumference of the volcano. Their plan was thwarted by Susan Hoffman, Joy Meadows and Cindy Newell with a little help from the Throttlebots. Ladies' Night

During the battle an explosion had weakened the lava holding Galvatron. It took him a few weeks but he was eventually able to free himself from his tomb. His escape was monitored by the Sparkabots who had been sent to observe the volcano by Springer for just this event. Enemy Action!

The Sparkabots initially followed Galvatron but then returned to Mount Verona and finally released Ultra Magnus. Salvage!