The motorcycle refugee is an Autobot in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Moto refugee


The motorcycle refugee is one of the many civilian Autobots in hiding on the planet Earth following the evacuation of Cybertron. She enjoys taking long rides out in the desert, where there are no humans around to see (since a riderless motorcycle is kind of a giveaway), even though her alternate mode isn't really made for off-roading.


Cybertron cartoon

After Optimus Prime's team decided to enlist the aid of the civilian Cybertrons on Earth in their search for the Omega Lock, they distributed an image of the Atlantis Pattern among them. The motorcycle refugee recognized the image, having seen it engraved in a rock-face. She was on her way to report this to the Autobots when she was spotted and attacked by Thundercracker. This attack was observed by another of the refugees, one disguised as a pay phone, who radio'd Autobot headquarters for help.

Optimus Prime led the group of Autobots who responded and drove the attacking Decepticon off, as the motorcycle refugee's damage was repaired by Coby. She then led them to the rockface bearing the Atlantis Pattern. Although it turned out to be a copy rather than the location of the Omega Lock itself, it did contain the co-ordinates of the Jungle Planet. Search

When Megatron returned to Earth, searching for the traitor Starscream, the motorcycle refugee was one of three Autobot civilians (along with another pay phone) who locked a stasis beam onto Megatron's warp-gate from the fire dimension, stalling the Decepticons' entry long enough to evacuate the nearby humans. Revelations

The refugee --or possibly someone who just looks like her-- was present when Mudflap and Landmine made amends, along with several other refugees. Family


  • When the Lugnutz redeco Hightail was revealed, many fans felt that it was going to be the toy-version of the motorcycle refugee, what with being an Autobot cycle with vaguely the same color scheme. So much for that.
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