Mortal Combat is the fifty-second and last episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on October 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



The final battle between Optimus Prime and Galvatron.


Unicron is no longer functional, his body lying dormant in space. Hot Shot lets the assembled armies return to Cybertron to begin the rebuilding. Inside of Unicron, Galvatron holds onto the idea that he can still become the sole ruler of the universe. Now that Unicron is gone, it's left to Optimus and Galvatron to finish the war. Optimus and the kids try to argue that now that the two militaries have been united, there's no need to continue the fight, but Galvatron reminds his foe that the hatred left over from an unfinished war would repower Unicron. On Cybertron, Side Swipe alerts the other that Unicron is in motion again. Hot Shot decides to go to Unicron to retrieve Optimus, but Jetfire takes Hot Shot's place. Cyclonus follows Jetfire. Optimus says goodbye to the children; the kids don't want to go, but he convinces them that the final battle must be fought. After throwing away The Matrix (so it isn't damaged in battle), Prime starts the fight with some gunfire and a knee to Galvatron's face. When Megatron gets up, he and Prime blast their firepower off each other. Outside of Unicron, Jetfire and Cyclonus pick up the kids and bring them back to Cybertron. The kids report on what the two leaders are doing, and it seems Unicron isn't quite dead either. Under heavy pressure, Hot Shot orders the attack against Unicron to be resumed, with special care taken not to harm the leaders. Inside, Prime and Galvatron continue to rumble. Prime throws one of his wheels directly into Galvatron's primary cannon - the resulting explosion blasts Galvatron through a wall, but the Decepticon is only amused by the ferocity of the combat. Unicron's words echo in Prime's mind. Galvatron uses his extending antlers to toss Prime around, but Prime breaks the blades off and uses them against his rival, but Galvatron scores a critical hit through Optimus with his hidden wrist blade. The Transformers buzz around Unicron, blasting him through his own trenches. Alexis notices that during the combat, a large growing black hole has appeared on Unicron's surface. Prime stands up, refusing to give up the fight. Decompression sends the warriors outside of Unicron, onto his external surface. Galvatron acquires a nearby pipe to use as a battle staff, but Optimus displays amazing agility and stands on the staff, prancing along it to kick Galvatron in the face. While Galvatron is still stunned, Optimus hefts his foe and cramps Galvatron's midsection, but in the process, the metal pipe is shoved down Prime's back. The two warriors break for a moment, and Galvatron admits that even though he lost the battle, he enjoyed the thrill of the battle. The moment of peace between the two is disturbed by Unicron transforming into his planet mode. Prime is stuck holding onto Galvatron as the two are sucked toward Unicron's maw. Galvatron, determined to see only one winner of the war (even if it isn't him) instructs Prime to let the Decepticon leader fall. Prime refuses, so Galvatron cuts himself loose and free-falls into oblivion. As soon as Galvatron is absorbed, Unicron vanishes. Left floating in space, Optimus decides he's unworthy of The Matrix. Sometime later, Hot Shot and Jetfire return the kids to earth. They agree that they all learned a lot from each other ever since their first encounter. Carlos, Fred, and Billy start to cry. With the war over, Prime narrates the closing moments. But hidden behind a distant green planet, Unicron endures.


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Fred: "This probably isn't the time to ask, but when are we gonna eat, you guys?"
Billy: "Zip it, Fred, or I'll give you my fist to chew on!"
"Your mindless ambitions are fueled only by your greed. You'll stop at nothing to get what you want. I should have let Unicron destroy you!"

-- Optimus Prime to Galvatron

"Why can't we all just get along?"

-- Fred

"Children - the future is yours!"
"Good riddance, humans!"

-- Optimus Prime and Galvatron bid fairwell to the kids before their final battle

"Don't be surprised, Galvatron. This is exactly what you wanted. And I fight you not as the leader of the Autobots, but as the leader of all Transformers!"

-- Optimus Prime tossing aside his Matrix of Leadership before attacking Galvatron


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Hot Shot yells "Attack!" as Unicron is transforming back into planet mode, the animation actually shows the Transformer fleet escaping (which would make sense), which suggests Hot Shot's line was a scripting error.

Transformers references

  • During the raid against Unicron, Rhinox is visible in the hangar. Because of the unanticipated success of Armada, he and the other Beast Wars remolds were released, but they were unable to receive larger roles in the show.
  • This isn't the first time Galvatron fell inside Unicron.

Real-world references

  • The title of the episode may or may not be a reference to a martial artist video game series, Mortal Kombat.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This is the third Armada episode to have a title with more than one word.
  • Grindor is a flying skateboard.
  • Does it seem like over the course of the Unicron Battles, Alexis's hair has actually grown slightly longer?
  • Galvatron hasn't used his antlers to attack anyone since Swoop.
  • This is the second time in Armada that Megatron has used his wrist blade.
  • During the second-to-last shot, Prime has returned to his original colors, but hasn't reclaimed The Matrix, as his Matrix compartment is visibly empty during his transformation.








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