The Morphobots are creatures in the Generation 1 continuity family.

The Morphobots are a species of mechanical plants who appeared completely white with their structure divided into parts of five namely five roots, a five toothed maw which opens when food arrives and five tentacles. The tentacles themselves possess two sharp claws on each of them which are capable of extending and grabbing distant prey. They were known to attack mechanical forms of life but seemed to be drawn towards robotic insectoid species.

The life cycle of the creatures begins with the adult species creating a series of spores that covers the entire body of the Morphobots. These spores are spread across any prey that passes the Morphobots and fails to be consumed. As time goes on, the spores grow rapidly into a series of tendril vines which mature into a small form of the adults and finally into the adults themselves.

Morphobots were extremely resilient capable of surviving in the depths of space and even being frozen by liquid nitrogen; breaking through the ice after being frozen. Weapon fire was also useless against them and, in some cases, even reflected the energy back at their enemy. Strangely, they were somewhat repelled by certain forms of loud music.

The history of the Morphobots was mostly unknown except that they were believed to have been made extinct to the Transformers. It was later uncovered that they launched themselves into space in a desperate bid to find more sources of food.


Generation 1 Cartoon

When Cosmos along with Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky journeyed to Fluron 3 to get some Robotic insecticide that the Autobots needed against the Decepticon Insecticons. As Cosmos was attempting to depart, he was engulfed by some tentacles from an asteroid below though he managed to escape not realizing that some spores had latched on to his body. As he journeyed back to Earth, the spores grew quickly into adults which caused Cosmos to crash but not before ejecting his two passengers.

When Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrived, they saw that the small vines had grown into a forest of the creatures which had covered Cosmos and prevented him from escaping or even transforming. Numerous attempts were made to kill the creatures in order to reach Cosmos which included weapon fire from Warpath and various chemicals including liquid nitrogen from Ironhide to freeze the creatures with no success. However, Blaster's music managed to repel the creatures and allowed an open path towards Cosmos.

G1 QuestforSurvival Morphobot eats Bombshell

Boba Fett? Boba Fett, Where?

The Insecticons and their Insecticon Army arrived when the Decepticons and Autobots were fighting one another but sighted the "forest" of Morphobots, unaware of what the creatures were and attempted to feast on the mechanical plant-life. However, as they approached, the Morphobots went into a feeding frenzy and destroyed the entire Insecticon army and almost killed the original three Insecticons who managed to escape.

Despite their aid against the Decepticons, the Morphobots were launched by the Autobots into space in the direction of a planet inhabited by mechanical insects. Though the samples being studied by Perceptor in his lab had grown and were overruning the laboratory and thus required another shuttle to launch the new strain into space as well. Quest for Survival

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