This article is about the transforming bunny from Beast Wars II. For the Earth's natural orbiting satellite, see Moon (moon).

Moon is a relic from the past of Gaea (future Earth). While a transforming bunny rabbit, he is not of Cybertronian origin. He is stationed on the moon orbiting the planet along with his partner, Artemis. Together, they watch the battle unfold between the Maximals and the Predacons, gathering data in secret. He also ends every sentence with the word "moon".

Moon's special ability is the power to become invisible. He's also remarkably good at saying things that upset Artemis. He's not so good at avoiding the giant red mallet Artemis swings at his skull when she's upset, however.


Cartoon continuity

Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: Junko Takeuchi (Japan)

Moon, along with Artemis, watched over the Beast Wars on Gaea, gathering information on the events and organizing the data. At first they made a stern effort not to interact with the Transformers on Gaea, until Galvatron summoned the battleship Nemesis, which threatened the entire planet.

Choosing to side with the Maximals, Moon and Artemis aided the good guys in reaching the Nemesis from Gaea and were instrumental in the final battle.

Beast Wars Neo cartoon

After Unicron's defeat at the hands of Big Convoy, and the formation of an alliance between the Maximals and Predacons, Artemis and Moon somehow travelled to Cybertron.


Did you find Lookee in this episode?

As Big Convoy and Magmatron's forces had one last brawl for old times' sake behind them, the Gaea androids participated in a giant cross-faction party under beautiful cherry blossoms. They shared a drink (tea? sake? oil?) with Bazooka, Crazybolt and Sharp Edge, while Apache and Cohrada slept peacefully nearby (possibly drunk).

IDW Beast Wars comics

Moon was charged by the Celestials with observing the events transpiring on the planet Gaea for them. When the battle between the forces of Lio Convoy and Galvatron grew to be too dire for Moon to stand any longer, the robot followed his moral compass and disobeyed his orders, taking an active role in events. For this the Celestials "excommunicated" him and he can no longer contact them. Beast Wars Sourcebook 2


Beast Wars II

  • Moon (Basic, 1998)
Japanese ID number: S-2
Moon transforms into a yellow rabbitty-thing. Its robot-mode chest has a "Viewmaster"-like gimmick, showing art of various Beast Wars II characters when you look through it. The pictures can be switched by pressing its upper and lower body together until it clicks.
  • Moon (Basic, 1998)
A white version of Moon was made available through a mail-away offer. (Which magazine offered the item is currently unknown.) Only 2000 pieces were made.



Bunny Points!


Metal munching moon mice?

  • Moon's packaging features a unique Beast Points symbol that was seemingly used nowhere else.
  • A pocket-sized Japanese guide book to Beast Wars II contains an early concept drawing of Moon. It shows that at one time a bizarre-looking, Russian Cheburashka-like creature with huge ears and a pierced tail was considered.

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