Monzo is a Decepticon-allied Nebulan Headmaster in the Generation One continuity family.

"Dude, you should totally come over. Balls."

On Nebulos, Monzo was a professional hyperwrestler. He's a feral fellow who doesn't appreciate the fine art of tactics or strategy. He especially hates poetry, which puts him at odds with his Headmaster partner, Weirdwolf. However, they both find common ground in wanting to beat stuff up.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

After Scorponok's Decepticons arrived on Nebulos and set up a headquarters in a former industrial complex on the remote plains of Thok, Monzo was kidnapped by Mindwipe, Weirdwolf, and Skullcruncher to subject to their experiments. Monzo's capability to experience fear was removed via Mindwipe's hypnosis, and the former professional wrestler was encased in a bubble created by the Decepticons' experimental polymer membrane machine. With a blast from Skullcruncher's anti-gravity gun, Monzo began floating upwards, towards the open skylight. When it became apparent to the Decepticons that the bubble was going to pop, indicating a structural disorder in the polymer membrane bubble, Mindwipe flew after Monzo. No sense wasting a good laboratory animal, after all.

Lord Zarak, another prisoner of the Decepticons, made a deal with them to become their Headmaster partners in order to equal the Autobots' own new Headmaster might. Monzo was next seen as the Headmaster partner of Weirdwolf. Whether he was still hypnotized at the time of this conversion or if he joined the Decepticons of his own free will is not detailed. Love and Steel!


Note: Classics is a splinter timeline that takes place in a Marvel Comics universe which does not include Generation 2 or the Marvel UK material.

In the fifteen years after the battle on Klo, Weirdwolf fell under the sway of the mysterious Bug Bite, who had Weirdwolf rebuilt to remove his Headmaster technology, resulting in both a spurned Monzo and Weirdwolf being even less coherent than he was previously. Weirdwolf's recreation was Bug Bite's downfall; Monzo turned to the Autobots with what information he knew, and a rogue Autobot team led by Ultra Magnus arrived and put a stop to Bug Bite's insurrection. However, Monzo did not need to be ditched to tell the Autobots what had happened. As, Snarl pointed out, "I told him he'd never had to hear Weirdwolf's voice again. That alone got him talking." Silence is golden. Games of Deception

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Neil Ross (English)


Monzo was among several Hive members who were rebuilt as Headmasters in order to match the firepower of the Hive's rivals and their new Autobot allies. The Rebirth, Part 2

Note: The bonding of Weirdwolf and Monzo is depicted at the conclusion of an error-filled sequence of events. First, Mindwipe hypnotizes his reluctant partner Vorath, who is mistakenly drawn as Monzo when this occurs. Then Mindwipe and Vorath bond together, alongside Skullcruncher silently bonding with Grax. Then the voice of Grax, emanating from a character drawn as Vorath but colored like Monzo, declares "I am to be bonded to that creature? This project was a bad investment!" while the "creature" he is looking at is Skullcruncher, colored like Weirdwolf. This is immediately followed by the bonding of Weirdwolf and Monzo. Oh, Rebirth, you so crazy!

After the Decepticons captured Arcee, Lord Zarak instructed Monzo to torture her Headmaster partner, the human child Daniel Witwicky, until the female Autobot turned over the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Declaring that it would be a pleasure, Monzo set about the task, and in short order Arcee gave up the Key. The Rebirth, Part 3


Generation One

  • Weirdwolf (Headmaster, 1987)
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