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The Monsterbots are a team of Autobots in the Generation One continuity family.

The Monsterbots are a team of Autobots that transform into strange and powerful (not to mention monstrous) beasts. Among their other abilities, all three are capable of shooting a destructive stream of fiery sparks from some part of their anatomy in beast form.

The team is composed of:

Japanese Name: Firebots


Toy commercial

The Monsterbots were created accidentally during an attempt to create new Autobots. Kup raced to warn Rodimus Prime and Blurr of the accident, as the wild Monsterbots trashed the lab where they were born. Thankfully, the Decepticons attacked just then and the Monsterbots burst out of the building through the wall to fight them. Rodimus expressed relief that, though they were monsters, at least they were Autobot monsters. Nice show of logic there, Rodimus.

Marvel comic

The three Monsterbots were among the dozens of Autobots who joined Fortress Maximus's crew aboard the Steelhaven, as the Autobot commander sought to lead his people away from the war on Cybertron. Resettling on the planet Nebulos, their peace was short-lived. Ring of Hate! Scorponok's Decepticons followed them and waged war anew against the Autobots.

The Monsterbots were among a squad of Autobots who attempted to stop a Decepticon takeover of the Mercury Gardens of Melanossus. Though they fought fiercely, the Decepticon Headmasters were too powerful. Grotusque realized the gardens were being destroyed by the battle, and — over Repugnus's protests — ordered a retreat. The three were the only Autobot survivors of the battle; at least four other anonymous soldiers died there. Brothers in Armor!!

The Monsterbots, along with the surviving Autobots, traveled to Earth. Trial by Fire! Grotusque was counted among Fortress Maximus's top officers, but he and his companions quickly disappeared into obscurity. Totaled!

The Headmasters cartoon

The Monsterbots were sent to the planet Beest, where the Decepticons were enslaving natives. They helped free the slaves. After the Decepticons fled the planet, Rodimus Prime ordered the monsterbots to stay and guard the planet. Rebellion on Planet Beest