The Monster Truck Patrol is a team of Autobot Micromasters from the Generation One continuity family.

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!! Gear-grinding, shape-changing, micro-robot MADNESS!! Monster Truck Patrol madness!! SEE four Autobot Micromasters RIP into action against the dastardly doers of destructive deeds, the DECEPTICONS!!!

Geeeeeeet ready for the Monster Truck Patrol!!! Tickets start at just $4.99!! FOUR NINETY-NINE!!! You're paying for the whole seat but you'll ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!! Featuring:

  • Big Hauler - he's lean, he's GREEN and he's MEEEEAN!!
  • Heavy Tread - the wheelie-popping, nitro-burning, prank-playing FUNNY CAR!!
  • Hydraulic - he leads the pack, CRUSHING anything in his way!!
  • Slow Poke - he's a truck, he's a robot, he's yellow, he's powering through everything in his path!!!

Don't miss them!! They're AWESOME!!!! awesome awesome awesome

Japanese name: Big Truck Team


Dreamwave comics continuity

The Monster Truck Patrol had chosen sides to work with the Autobots by the time Countdown returned to Cybertron roughly three million years ago, but it is unclear whether they had officially joined as a patrol yet. Hydraulic and Big Hauler joined Crunch and the Hot Rod Patrol in rescuing Roadbuster from a Decepticon attack, and used their Cybertronian horsepower to drag him back to base. Destined for Nothing


Generation One

  • Monster Truck Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)

Return of Convoy

Japanese ID number: C-361
Includes Micro Trailer # 1.

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