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Moleculon missiles are weapons from a nebulous portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Moleculon missiles1

Duuuuuuude. Wan' get high? I totally gotsv me some svroooooooooms.

The mighty moleculon missiles make massive messes for the malevolent Galvatron! They're his weapon of first resort for destroying Autobot ships. They are shaped like stubby rockets, and are equipped with a pair of fins to deal with the aerodynamic stresses of the vacuum of deep space. They are powerful enough to obliterate a shuttlecraft and its occupants. Cyclonus can hold quite a few of them, apparently.


Generation One Cartoon continuity

Galvatron launched a whole bunch of missiles from Cyclonus as they pursued two fleeing Autobot shuttles through space. Aboard the first shuttle, Ultra Magnus instantly recognized the weapons for what they were. Magnus and his crew eluded the missiles by discarding the rear 3/4ths of his ship and allowing it to be destroyed, while the forward portion escaped unseen.

On the second shuttle, Kup and Hot Rod managed to evade the missiles by "inverting polarities", which brought their ship to a dead halt and made the missiles overshoot them. The missiles came back for a second pass but exploded off the mark, leaving the shuttle adrift near the planet Quintessa. Judgment Day!


  • The moleculon missiles were never named as such in the finished version of The Transformers: The Movie, possibly because the name was too awesome for 10 year olds to handle.