Mojo is a little doggie in the Movie continuity family.

"Here lizard lizard lizard..."

Mojo is a chihuahua owned by Sam Witwicky. He is coddled by Sam's mom (much to Sam's chagrin), and apparently has a very weak bladder.


Transformers (2007)

Actor': ???
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Mojo broke his left-front leg shortly before Sam got his new car. Sam was carrying Mojo's pain pills when he was taken down to police headquarters, which made the overzealous officer there think Sam was a junkie.

When the Autobots went to the Witwicky residence, Mojo made the mistake of releasing lubricant onto Ironhide's foot. Upon discovering this, Ironhide requested permission to terminate the "rodent", but Sam Witwicky frantically told Ironhide that humans love chihuahuas. Ironhide agreed to spare it, though complained that the lubricant would cause rust.

Mojo was taken into custody with the rest of the family by Sector Seven, but later released. The agent who had to escort Mojo to the van with one of those poles they use to subdue vicious dogs must have felt really silly.

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