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Mojo is a little doggie in the Movie continuity family.

"Here, lizard, lizard, lizard..."

Mojo is a male, smooth-coat Chihuahua owned by Sam Witwicky. He is coddled by Sam's mom (much to Sam's chagrin) and apparently has a very weak bladder.


Transformers (2007)

Actor: Chester

Although Mojo is Sam's dog, Judy appears to consider him her pet as well. She put a "Mojo's Penthouse" sign on his dog house and puts girl dog jewelry on him, claiming that it's his "bling". Sam argued that it was hurting his self-esteem issues, which he claimed were already heightened due to the fact that he was a Chihuahua.

Mojo broke his left foreleg shortly before Sam got his new car. Sam was carrying Mojo's pain pills when he was taken down to police headquarters, which made the overzealous officer there think Sam was a junkie.

The Orkin Man looked smaller on TV.

When the Autobots went to the Witwicky residence, Mojo made the mistake of pissing on Ironhide's foot. Upon discovering this, Ironhide requested permission to terminate the "rodent," but Sam Witwicky frantically told Ironhide that humans love Chihuahuas. Ironhide agreed to spare it, complaining that the piss would cause "rust".

Mojo was taken into custody with the rest of the family by Sector Seven, with Judy threatening to kick the butt of anyone who hurt him, but Mojo was later released with the Witwickys. The agent who had to escort Mojo to the van with a catch pole used to control vicious or stray dogs must have felt really silly.

Revenge of the Fallen

His role's even less than in the first movie, but what is known is that offscreen during the two years between the events of the first movie and the beginning of this movie, Mojo had to contend with a new addition to the family; a French Bulldog by the name of Frankie. Prior to leaving the house, Mojo was being told off by Ron Witwicky for trying to hump/dominate Frankie, and it continued towards the Doghouse right when the newly-formed Appliancebots attacked the house thanks to the All Spark shard accidentally being dropped by Sam Witwicky.

He also appears to have literally grown a pair. That's right, while neutered in the first film, either Mojo died and was replaced with an intact Chihuahua while Sam wasn't looking, or someone from Robot Heaven gave him a new set of testicles.


  • At one of the BotCon 2007 movie writers panels, it was revealed that Mojo was originally going to be a Bulldog (as one of the writers owned a Bulldog named Mojo growing up), but director Michael Bay decided to change the dog to a Chihuahua. Well that explains the catch pole. And the reason for the agent's humiliation (blasted Michael Bay!!). However, they did eventually get an actual Bulldog cast in the sequel.
  • Mojo's broken leg was caused by Judy accidentally loading him into the washing-machine along with a pile of clothes. This is only mentioned in the novelization, however, as dialog about it was cut from the final version of the film.
  • In the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Revenge of the Fallen there is a trophy called Good Mojo. Achieved if one makes it into the top 10000 on the leaderboards.