Mode attachment is a psychological syndrome in the Generation One continuity family.

A Transformer suffering from mode attachment has become particularly attached to his alternate mode, and will resist upgrading or reformatting to a new one, even when circumstances may merit it.[1]


  • Ratchet rebuilt Goldbug back into Bumblebee because ol' Doc always preferred his original form. His, uh, original Earth form, anyway. Skin Deep
  • Tracks admires his alternate mode so deeply he sometimes resists transforming back to robot mode.
  • During the events of The Transformers: The Movie and Season 3 of the Generation One cartoon, Grimlock and the Dinobots seem to be suffering from mode attachment. Then again, they are stronger in dinosaur mode...
  • Wheeljack is described as being able to think better while in vehicle mode, coming up with many ideas and designs. Considering Wheeljack's success record, being in vehicle mode probably makes Ratchet and Hoist very nervous...
  • Pretty much all the Action Masters are attached to their robot modes. As if they had any choice.
  • It is stated that Kup resisted upgrades and never bothered to keep his systems up to the current technology level. This might explain why he still transforms into a weird piece of crap truck thing. Spotlight: Kup
  • Springer seems to prefer his helicopter mode over his car mode. Think it's because of his helicopter mode's flying ability?


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