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Mixmasters are mass-produced Autobot/Decepticon units from the live-action movie continuity family.

Mixmaster units are large machines that convert into cement mixer trucks. Both the Autobot and Decepticon armies make use of these drones. They are very slow, but very determined, heavily-armored and heavily-armed to boot, making them very dangerous opponents. They have yet to demonstrate any "beats", although it would be reasonable to assume that they are "fresh". Mixmaster units work like Decepticon Dark Troopers.


Battle For the Allspark online game

Mixmaster head

Mixmaster units can be either Autobot (top) or Decepticon (bottom). Almost as confusing as in the cartoon.

Mixmasters are differentiated by little more than the make of their noggins; Autobot versions use a facemask-with-visor model, while Decepticons has a lens-head. Mixmaster drones on both sides have unstoppable attack power, good defense, but little speed.

Transformers: The Game (console)

Mixmasters are rarely-seen foes; Decepticon units are dark green, while Autobot units are yellow. They are shielded against artillery (they don't even stop to block, they just keep coming) and shrug off melee attacks as well; the only way to damage them is to knock them down by throwing something at them, then picking the drone itself up and hurling it. The alternate way of defeating these drones is by running them over if you are playing as a ground vehicle. Also, if timed correctly when playing as Ironhide, you can use the jump attack and shoot the ground, making them fly far. They are armed with heavy rocket launchers with a slow rate of fire, but nasty punch. Along with Longarm, they are one of the hardest and most annoying drones.

A Decepticon Mixmaster drone waited for Ironhide in Tranquility when Jazz was being hounded by both Sector Seven forces and the Decepticons. Both sides sent Mixmasters after each other in Mission City, and a few popped up in "sub-missions".

Transformers: The Game (PSP)

Mixmaster can be unlocked by completing the game. Unlike the console version's colors, he's white.


  • The Mixmaster drone was one of two types of drone whose names were put up for voting on the game's web-site during development (which would seem to indicate that they're not getting toys, the other being Scrapper). The other eligible names came from past cement-mixer Transformers characters, including

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