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The name or term Mixmaster refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mixmaster (disambiguation).

Mixmaster ( or Mix to his friends) used to be the de facto leader of the Constructicons. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, he spends his time overindulging in oil and whistling at passing cars with his buddy, Scrapper. Mix isn't a bad sort at heart, always willing to help a fellow 'bot, but his moral compass is apparently guided by whoever's got the best oil to offer. For all their seeming unsophistication, he and Scrapper still have an innate knack for construction-related activities. They can slap together a sturdy construct out of raw materials in seconds, and just by looking at a set of blueprints, even incomplete ones, they can tell just what's needed to get the job done. In addition to the abilities he shares with his partner, Mixmaster can also create any number of chemical concoctions in the churning belly of his mixing drum, and shoot them out of his arm.


Transformers Animated Mixmaster cement truck.jpg


Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Jeff Glen Bennett (English), Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)

"Yo, fleshie moron, ain't no one drivin' us Constructicons! We drive ourselves!"

Mix and his compatriot Scrapper were spontaneously brought to life by AllSpark shards embedded in them. Though not quick on the uptake, the two Constructibots were able to name themselves and quickly hit the ground running...after attractive sports cars. When he noticed a construction accident about to harm Bulkhead, he pulled over with his friend and intervened. Tidying up the construction site with a fair amount of skill, he befriended the large Autobot and pressured him into going off for an oil break...from a nearby oil tanker. After expressing his misgivings about stealing oil, Bulkhead took the two Constructobots to the old auto factory to meet the other Autobots. Mixmaster and Scrapper proved too rough around the edges even for Ratchet's tastes, and their cavorting woke up Sari. Mixmaster didn't think much of their stickshift-in-the-mud leader, Optimus Prime, who asked Bulkhead why he was bringing "strangers" to their base (thus proving to be none too observant in the search for AllSpark fragments himself). After a game of flattened-oil-barrel Frisbee severed Sari's pigtails, Mix found himself and Scrapper kicked out the factory by Prime.

Dejected, Mixmaster and Scrapper happened upon Blitzwing and Lugnut stealing construction supplies...very ineffectively. Once again, they intervened just before someone could get hurt, saving Blitzwing from getting creamed by the load he was carrying. Mixmaster then heard approaching police sirens, which Blitzwing told them was a quitting time signal, meaning they could go home. Mix and Scrapper indicated they didn't have a home, so their two new buddies offered to let the Constructobots come home with them, saying Mix and Scrapper would be welcome to stay as long as they hauled the heavy trailers of supplies. As Mixmaster obligingly pushed the supply containers uphill and out of earshot, he didn't hear Blitzwing ease Lugnut's concerns about Megatron's disapproval by assuring that he'd take take the two new bots offline once the heavy lifting was done. After the load was hauled, Mixmaster was all set for a reward, unaware Lugnut was about to use his signature punch upon him and Scrapper, when Megatron intervened. Mixmaster followed Megatron into the Decepticons' inner sanctum, where he saw the space bridge schematics. He and Scrapper immediately knew exactly what supplies would be needed to complete the bridge, as well as where they could be obtained.

The next day, Mixmaster and Scrapper "acquired" (stole) a load of construction materials and were fleeing pursuit by Sumdac Systems police robots when they ran into Bulkhead again. Stopping the chase, Bulkhead asked them what they were doing, and the Constructobots, being trusting souls, told him. Mixmaster couldn't figure out why Bulky was so upset they were working for the Decepticons until he said Megatron was trying to put one over on them. Mix and Scrapper weren't about to stand still for that, and they sped off to settle the score. Their initial complaints didn't go over well, as the Decepticon leader proved far less gentle and jovial, slamming them up against the mountainside near the mine. When Mixmaster said why they were angry, though, Megatron turned on the sweet talk again, spinning a tale of Autobot oppression. This proved a bit high-concept for Mixmaster, but then Megatron offered to explain it over a few barrels of oil. This was far more Mix and Scrapper's speed, and soon they were guzzling away while Megatron once again pitched the space bridge project.

We are walking chu chu trains.

Showing up at the auto factory, Mixmaster revealed that they were now working for Megatron. Much like real construction workers, they went to the highest bidder, and Megatron had better oil. Showing there were no hard feelings, they said they weren't about to hurt the Autobots, just come pick up the AllSpark fragments and be on their way. Optimus Prime objected, but Mixmaster called him a dipstick and knocked over the 98-ton-weakling. A fight broke out, and Mixmaster went so far as to ransom Bumblebee for the fragments. However, once Bulkhead handed over the fragments, Mixmaster had no trouble accepting Bulky's offer to have "one for the road." Of course, he didn't know Bulkhead had secretly slipped him and Scrapper some tainted oil, contaminated by the expired fixative that Bulkhead had saved. As Mixmaster and Scrapper ran off, the bad oil reacted explosively, knocking them out so the Autobots could reclaim the fragments. The blast also scrambled their memories, so when Mixmaster came to, he didn't know who the big, angry guy was or why he was ranting about someone named Megatron and flinging his wrecking ball at them. Confused and frightened, Mixmaster decided to vamoose. Rise of the Constructicons

Disney on Ice presents, two construction vehicles slipping on juice.

Continuing to function, Mix and Scrapper continued to wander around guzzling fuel, gaining the attention of the Autobots, Decepticons and police; all the while, Mix kept trying to remember where they'd found the "really good oil" last time. Finding a trail of Bumblebee's leaking lubricant, Mix followed it back to Autobot base and quickly burned the door down in order to find any oil in there. He soon came across a small fleshy thing but when he asked it if it knew where there was any oil, it unleashed a sonic attack to overload their audio sensors.

While Scrapper was scared and wanted to leave, fearing this creature was what had caused their memory loss, Mix was determined to find oil and told his friend to "grow a backhoe". However, their search continuously drew them into conflict with the strange creature; Mix became angry enough to threaten it with violence, ignore all of Scrapper's warnings and then be drawn into a really blatant trap. A severe beating by the factory assembly line finally convinced him that Scrapper was right, no oil was worth this, and the two fled the base.

Luckily a nice German guy turned up with some barrels of that really good oil, and the Constructicons followed him home. Good thing that small fleshy thing drove them off, or they'd never have met this guy and gone off with him! Sari, No One's Home

It burns us!!

Under the watchful eye of Megatron, Mixmaster and his buddy Scrapper helped the Decepticons finish their space bridge and were rewarded with being branded as Decepticons themselves. Later, Mixmaster encountered Bulkhead, but due to the memory wipe from the spiked oil he and Scrapper drank, neither of them recognized him. Mixmaster proved his worth as a Decepticon warrior after using his quick-drying cement to anchor Prowl and Optimus Prime to the ground when the Autobots invaded the Decepticon base. The feeling of victory was short-lived, as some loud-mouth and a bunch of oddly colored jets broke into the base from above. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Mixmaster would have happily stayed out of this fight, except one of those good-for-nothing 'bots spilt his oil! His blasts of quick-drying cement were a major asset in the battle, helping paralyze foes like some big-headed jerk. He later cheered on Megatron's victory (despite having no idea what this "Cybertron" thing was anyway) only to watch it all fall apart when the Space Bridge malfunctioned. Mix was last seen heroically trying to save the oil from a cave-in. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Stop being a dirt bossy bot.

Mixmaster was offered a job, He helped Scrapper lift up the forklift which has his colour theme. Mix was under control of Dirt Boss. Three's A Crowd


Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

  • Mixmaster follows the true blue-collar construction worker tradition of showing his buttcrack.
  • Mixmaster and his partner in crime were the second and third Transformers brought to life by an energized crystal, the first was a trash-crazy goofball and the fourth became their new foreman.
  • Mixmaster calls himself Mix because he thinks the name Mixmaster is too long, yet thinks Scrap is too short.
  • Mixmaster starts out in a more standard construction vehicle color scheme of yellow and gray, and only switches to the classic Constructicon green and purple after becoming a Decepticon.
  • In a particular odd bit of concept art, Mixmaster's vehicle mode is shown in an upturned position supported only by his shovel. Almost like... a leg. Naaaaw...[1]
  • Chasing after red cars? Sounds familiar.
  • Jeff's way of voicing Mixmaster is also used for a naughty pigeon.
  • In "Sari No One's Home," he and Scrapper escaped using a smokescreen.


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