Mr. Ricky is a human in the Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The brother man in the motherland.

Mr. Ricky is a Wildlife Protection patrolman in Kenya, acting to preserve the fragile environment. He's fiercely protective of the animals, but thinks people must ultimately come first. Ricky is very passionate about his job, and takes any failure very personally.

Mr. Ricky is a crack shot with a rifle, and can precisely hit a target in bad conditions even from a great distance.

He apparently insists on being called "Mister", so he may be a fan of Sidney Poitier.


Masterforce cartoon

When Decepticons caused animals to stampede, Mr. Ricky was unable to turn the herd's course before it entered a village. Then a group of deer headed for a school with children, and Ricky was forced to shoot the two leaders to stop them. A young fawn was trampled, and though it was likely to die, Mr. Ricky took it on himself to care for it.

Sent to investigate the strange stampedes because his boss saw them on TV, Diver met Ricky, who showed the Autobots where the stampede had started. Befriending the Headmaster Juniors after saving Minerva from a scorpion, he brought them back to his home village, where she used her medical equipment to care for the fawn.

'The Autobots' investigation led them to the cause of the stampedes: bombs planted by the Decepticons.

When another stampede started, this one heading for his home village, Mr. Ricky was unable to bring himself to shoot the animals again and instead tried to wave them off, risking being trampled. He was rescued by the Autobots, who formed a "human" wall to stop the animals.

The fawn recovered, and Mr. Ricky's brooding heart was lightened. He thanked the Autobots for all their help. Panic! Protect the Wild Animals!!

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