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Mistaken Identity is the thirty-sixth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on March 02, 2002 on Fox Kids.




The Decepticons are now under the impression that Koji has the ability to control Fortress Maximus, so they attempt to kidnap him while he is speaking to some of his friends about Fortress Maximus. This kidnapping attempt is thwarted by the Autobot Brothers, Koji is later told that the Decepticons and the Predacons have taken an interest in him, so he now is under their protection. Meanwhile, Scourge is speaking to Galvatron about his theory, he gets into an argument with Sky-Byte, and Galvatron ends this by interjecting with a stern "QUIT YOUR ARGUING AND BRING ME THE BOY!" We switch back to Koji trying to have a semi normal day (despite him knowing that he is being guarded by and from giant alien robots) with his friend Carl. He gets angry that he can't leave the designated area to go to a skate park. Carl attempts to help by switching outfits with him so that they can leave and Koji can get some alone time (despite the fact that they both know he's in danger of being kidnapped). But soon the Autobots catch onto this and they go looking for Koji while Carl is sent home. The show then switches to Carl on his tread home in Koji's clothes. Sky-Byte just so happens to be there, and he mistakes Carl for Koji. Sky-Byte then stuffs Carl into a sack and flies off with him struggling inside. The show switches back to the Autobots' Point of View. They are lecturing Koji about what he did when a member of the build team comes on saying that Koji's been kidnapped. Koji quickly puts 2 and 2 together and the Autobots quickly begin working on a rescue operation. We go back to the Predacon base with Sky-Byte gloating about his catch. Sky-Byte lets Carl out of the sack none to gently. Carl sees the giant alien robots and freaks out. Scourge announces that "that is not Koji! You [Sky-Byte] have failed again!" Galvatron starts yelling at Sky-Byte and then Scourge cuts in mentioning that when he lost control of Fortress Maximus to Koji, there were other humans there at the time. He suggests that it may be humans in general that can control Fortress Maximus. It is soon announced to the Decepticons that Maximus had revealed him self. Carl is quickly taken to the jungle where Maximus is currently residing. He is at first hesitant about commanding the robot that is twice the size of most high riced buildings. Galvatron them commands him to call out to Maximus. Carl obeys, Maximum kneels down, and sucks Carl into a room that resembles an empty spark chamber. Maximus then stands up again. The Decepticons yell for Carl to smash a mountain as a test of Maximus's power. Carl has him do so with ease. Scourge then commands Carl to destroy Galvatron and SkyByte. Scourge says that when he had scanned Galvatron he also inherited some of Galvatron's goals. Carl realizes that this is his chance to save the day and obeys Scourge's command. Carl begins to rant about how he was "going to defeat the Decepticons all on his own!" and that "Koji's gonna be so jealous!" Galvatron arrogantly transforms into his iron mammoth form and says that he'll fight. Sky-Byte tries to explain that he's a little out sized. Maximum suddenly stops. This is when the Autobots (Note: Sideburn has snuck Koji along once again) come in to save the day. A fight breaks out. Koji jumps out of Sideburn and goes looking for Carl as Sideburn wishes that Koji would wait for him. Sideburn scans Maximus and finds that Carl is inside of him. X-Brawn attempt to climb up Maximus and make a rescue but Scourge uses a laser gun to thwart this attempt. We switch to a cheering Koji. Sky-Byte sneaks up behind him but Sideburn blasts him with his own laser. We go back to Carl who is sees Sky-Byte approach Koji. It's not explained how Sky-Byte recovers so quickly or what happened to Sideburn who was just protecting him. Carl pleads with Fortress Maximus to move so that Carl can save his friend. Maximus begins to respond again and he manages to stop Sky-Byte from capturing Koji by grabbing him and throwing him away. Carl thanks Maximus and Maximus releases Carl. The best friend moment is broken up when Galvatron and Sky-Byte appear behind them. Galvatron orders SkyByte to capture the 2 boys and he pulls out a large net to get the job done with. Ultra Magnus drives off a cliff and lands right atop Sky-Byte, thwarting another kidnapping attempt. Ultra Magnus then combines with Optimus to attain super mode. He and the Autobot brothers then drive the Decepticons away. After Optimus checks on Carl and Koji the episode soon comes to a close.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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