Seaspray is an Autobot in the Generation 1 continuity family.
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Earth's ocean: an immense and drastically variable desert made of water, which hides a menagerie of the largest, the smallest, and the strangest creatures on the planet. Sunk in its dark and trackless depths lie ancient and forgotten relics, mingled with the spoils and remains of man. This ocean, this vast mystery, is Seaspray's element, and he loves it dearly.

The oceans of Earth are not alone in his affections. On any planet, at any time, Seaspray is a consummate sailor. Because he is not very comfortable on land, Seaspray does not do well in ground fighting. On the water, however, he has few equals.

French-Canadian name: Embruns
Greek name: Thalassolikos (Θαλασσόλυκος)
Hungarian name: Tajték (Surf)
Italian name: Elica


Marvel Comics continuity

Seaspray was a member of Perceptor's resistance cell on Cybertron. He was transported to Earth, with some of his comrades, after the raid on Darkmount.

Later, after the catastrophic Underbase saga, Seaspray was seen aboard the Ark -- still functional, and helping to move damaged Autobots about.

If not an outright art error, this last appearance is still unusual. Though Seaspray was not shown being knocked offline, it is stated that only the partially organic Transformers -- which just so happened to form the bulk of the then-current toyline -- had survived Starscream's attacks. Elsewhere is some implication that everyone else was taken out, whether explicitly shown or not. Regardless, Seaspray was not shown again in the G1 book, and indeed virtually all of the "normal" Transformers disappeared from the book for quite some time after the Underbase saga.

Animated continuity


Why would he want to become Fabio?

Voice Actor: Alan Oppenheimer (US), Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Seaspray proves that even a chunky robot with a throat full of mouthwash can find true love. Sea Change

Dreamwave comics continuity

Seaspray was among the Autobots working for Smokescreen and Tracks in an insurgency group on Cybertron, and helped with rising up and overthrowing Shockwave alongside Optimus Prime and the Ark's crew. Later, he was chosen to travel to Earth aboard the starship Orion under Bumblebee's command, only to run into the super-freak named Sunstorm. Night of the Combaticons The Autobots found themselves forced into a devil's deal with Starscream in order to protect the Decepticon leader from his crazed clone brother. He did lead them to the Earthbound Autobots he had already disposed of, but then Starscream turned on his Autobot handlers, disabling Seaspray and his fellow soldiers before making his getaway. The Omega Effect Ratchet quickly got them back online, though, and Seaspray began working on the construction of Autobot City. The Route of All Evil


Generation 1

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1985)
Japanese ID number: C-64

Seaspray's G1 figure stands three inches tall and is one of the smaller figures of the line. The figure has a simple color scheme consisting of blue arms and feet, a white chest, and yellow legs as well as head and propeller system. The figures only real articulation is at the shoulder. Like all the minibots Seaspray is available in a variety of pack-in variations. He was available with or without a rubsign and with or without a minispy figure. The mold has the Takara copyright stamp on the bottom of the feet portion.

Generation 2

  • Seaspray (Mini Vehicle, 1993)

Seaspray's G2 release used the same mold as the G1 release but with the dark blue replaced with a dark blue chrome. It is otherwise identical in mold and color.

A rare variant exists that may have been a testshot run. These figures were apparently given out internally by Hasbro as Christmas ornaments, as they have been found bagged with a string attached and a card reading "Transformers Christmas ornament" on one side and "Merry Christmas from the Boys' Toys Marketing" on the other. The same treatment has been seen with a variant G2 Beachcomber as well.


  • Seaspray made an appearance in one of five original Generation 1 public service announcements, urging nautical children to wear life-preservers. In this PSA, he was voiced by Wally Burr rather than Allen Oppenheimer, his usual voice actor.
  • A reference to Seaspray is made in the video game based on the Michael Bay film. Various billboards advertise "Seaspray's Fish 'n' Chips". On the DS Versions, a boat in Tranquility is named "U.S.S. Seaspray".

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