Misha is a human from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
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You can call me whatever you want, baby.

Misha Miramond is a brilliant young researcher specializing in possible applications of the potent resource known as energon. However, she is troubled by the fact that her research is used by her fellow human scientists and their Autobot allies to construct weapons.

She is in a relationship with Kicker Jones, son of Dr. Brian Jones, the foremost expert on energon. Her research often has her living a long way away from Kicker, which causes some strain on their relationship at times.

She is sometimes known as Mika. And then Misha again. And then Micha. And then Misha again the week after that.


Energon cartoon

Voice actor: Ellen Kennedy (English), Yukiko Tagami (Japanese)
Misha HotShot

That Kicker is such a mean doody-head.

When the Alpha Quintesson and Scorponok unleashed their attacks upon the Energon mining facilities of Earth, Misha was stationed at the research center in Plain City. At the time, Hot Shot was in command of the garrison stationed there, and she confided in him.


Scientists make great office ladies!

Later, she and another scientist were trapped when the Terrorcon forces stormed through the mines and defeated the Autobot defenders. Kicker and the Autobots from Ocean City staged a daring rescue where Kicker, Strongarm and Ironhide fought their way through the mines to rescue Misha and the scientist, while Optimus Prime kept the treacherous Tidal Wave busy. Scorpinok Later, Misha was made a member of Optimus Prime's unit, and was given a skin-tight yellow spacesuit of her own (which left her hair flowing free down her back, even in the airless vacuum of space, which didn't seem to have any ill effect), similar to Kicker's. Within the unit she acted as the Miranda II's operations officer.

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Irritated at having been kept out of the loop about the upcoming Autobot Grand Prix, Misha and Arcee entered the race late (with Misha in disguise) and won it while Hot Shot and Ironhide were preoccupied with their manly manliness. Crash Course

Misha also lost her parents at young age due to unknown causes and it appears that she told no one of this except for Alpha Q during a telepathic conversation when she went to convince him to help them fight after the alien had lost much of his resolve after Unicron went on a rampage. Misha subsequently is one of the few people aside from Kicker and Scorponok that Alpha Q can trust mostly because she is nice to him and more understanding than Kicker who tried to convince him to fight by whacking him in the head.

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  • As referred to above, early in the Energon cartoon's run, Misha was frequently called Mika, with both names being used interchangeably (and sometimes both within the same episode), until the series eventually settled upon 'Misha'.
  • When Misha is referred to as 'Mika', the voice actors also often switch between two different pronunciations of the name—'My-kuh' and 'Mee-ka'. For ease of reference, the second pronunciation is rendered separately as 'Meeka' in the episode synopses.
  • In episode Each One Fights..., it is revealed that Misha's parents have been dead since she was a child.
  • This is the least objectionable human in Energon. Ye Gods.
  • Misha is Russian name short for Mikhail. That may explain the same meaning of Misha and Mika.
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