Mirror Response Mode is a Decepticon modus operandi in the IDW Publishing portion of the Generation One continuity family.

In their carefully calculated phased conquest of planets across the galaxy, the Decepticons occasionally encounter a world with unique defenses. Mirror Response Mode is their way of dealing with such setbacks: analyze the defense, copy it, and fire it right back at the natives.


IDW Comics continuity

After Megatron arrived on Earth, the Decepticons encountered the band of super-humans known as the Avengers. Their formidable abilities made them a legitimate threat to the Decepticons; the Decepticons therefore analyzed their attackers and their genetic makeup. Selecting Spider-Man as an ideal candidate, the Decepticons sent Runabout to capture him.

Spider-Man was hooked up to an array of needles and machines, which drew his blood, converting it into a powerful isotope of Energon. This energy was used to empower various Decepticons of the Earth infiltration unit, including Runamuck, Runabout, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Blitzwing, and Megatron, providing them with far more raw power than normal. Man and Machine, Part Two

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