The Miranda II is a joint Autobot and Earth Federation spaceship in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Miranda II

The show basically goes downhill as soon as this thing shows up.

Miranda II is the starship commanded by Optimus Prime and his crew during the Energon War and the Powerlinx Battles. She was designed and built by Dr. Brian Jones in secret on the Earth's moon.

Dr. Jones named the ship Miranda II after his wife Miranda Jones, thus according to naval tradition establishing this ship as a Miranda II Class.


Energon cartoon continuityEdit

Miranda II was rolled out of her secret drydock on the moon so the Autobots could track down Unicron, using homing beacons that Ironhide had placed on two Divebomb drones. Carlos was able to trace Unicron's location, but to their surprise the beacon signals came from two different star systems.

The Autobots warp-jumped to the Sol system's Main Asteroid belt, attracting the attention of the Decepticons, who did not wish for their secret base within Unicron to be revealed. So they launched an attack as the Miranda II was preparing a Space Bridge ring module to perform a second jump, forcing them to use the starship's portable Energon Grid generator.

Miranda II dies

Somehow this moment was the emotional crux of the series.

Megatron was caught in the path of the approaching Energon Field wave, but was pushed out of the way in time by Demolishor, who nobly sacrificed himself to save his leader. He exploded, to the horror of the Autobot onlookers who had served with him.

Then Ironhide ruined the scene by saying a nonsensical line. Doofus. Go for Unicron!

Miranda II would go on to serve the Autobots and humans ably throughout the Powerlinx Battles, until her final mission against the Decepticons occupying Cybertron late in the war. Crippled by a powerful Energon Tower blast directed at them by Six Shot, Optimus Prime ordered the Autobots to abandon ship. He and Cliffjumper remained on board to try and find an area free of enemy forces so that Kicker and the Omnicons could disembark safely.

MirandaII hope

Yes, our downed starship is an inspiration to us all.

After Kicker and his team jumped, Optimus Prime ordered the Miranda II's thrusters fired to hopefully bring the ship into orbit, and out of Decepticon range. But the ship was damaged beyond repair, and rapidly plummeted toward the surface. Optimus and Cliffjumper were rescued by Omega Supreme and Superion Maximus as the Miranda II crashed into the ground.

Kicker took the fact that Miranda II did not explode as a good sign, and she would be a symbol of hope to all the remaining Autobot forces fighting on Cybertron. Galvatron!

It inspired Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus to use the ship for target practice. Breakthrough!

Known specificationsEdit

Energon GridEdit

MirandaII PeripheralEnergonDeflectionShields

But where's the fruit hat?

Miranda II features a smaller, portable version of Dr. Jones' Energon Grid as her primary defensive weapon. Two Peripheral Energon Deflection Shields are mounted in the inside bow of the ship, extending from the two forward hulls.

MirandaII EnergonTransmittingAntenna

You have the right to remain silent...

Mounted port, starboard, dorsal, ventral and aft are several Energon Transmitting Antennas. As the name suggests, these antenna serve to transmit the Energon to the Deflection Shields and each other, thereby creating a 360 degree, all-encompassing deflector shield of considerable power.

MirandaII gridonline

They've gone to plaid !

The shield generated from the Miranda II's Energon Grid is powerful enough to destroy Terrorcon drones as well as older-model Decepticons, and also has sufficient power to absorb energy blasts from Unicron.

Miranda II shield

Shields up, Worf!

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