Mirage of the Sand is the fifth episode of Beast Wars Neo. It first aired in Japan on March 03, 1999 on TV Tokyo.



Big Convoy sends Break and Corada to search for the next capsule on the desert planet Donovan in order to teach the rivals a lesson in teamwork. However, their own petty differences, and some strange mirages, make it a harder lesson than they expected.


The Gung Ho arrives at the desert planet Donovan in pursuit of the next Angolmois capsule. On board the ship, Cohrada and Break are getting into another argument. Big Convoy decides that it would be a good idea to send just to two of them down to search for the capsule in order to teach them teamwork. Meanwhile, on the Dinosaur, none of the Predacons are interested in searching a desert planet. They all decide that Sling should be the one to go, though he protests that they use him for all the dirty work. Guiledart tells Sling that he’s really the Predacons’ "trump card", used only for emergency situations. Sling is persuaded by the compliment and goes alone. In truth, they just wanted to get him off the ship.

On the planet’s surface Cohrada and Break are already fighting. Break falls behind and begins seeing mirages of Cohrada everywhere. To discern the real one, Break hits Cohrada on the head with a rock. The two begin fighting all over again. Elsewhere, Sling is having even less luck finding the capsule and avoiding quicksand. Eventually he bumps into Cohrada and the two begin to battle. Break leaves him to fight on his own and searches for the capsule. Unfortunately, there are a dozen capsules littering the desert thanks to the strange mirage effect.

The rest of the Predacons beam-down to the planet to look for the capsule as Sling deals with Cohrada. However, they are all tricked by mirages and get distracted. Eventually, they come across the real capsule and prepare to beam themselves back on board the Dinosaur. DNAVI informs them that the capsule cannot be teleported and they have to fly it on board. Cohrada and Break finally decide to team-up and get the capsule from the Predacons, but they are hopelessly out-numbered. Big Convoy finally arrives with the rest of the Maximals and retakes the capsule. Before Big Convoy can scold the pair for their lack of teamwork, Vector Sigma interrupts with a message telling them that trust is the foundation of a good team. Back on the Gung Ho, NAVI informs them that the mirages were being caused by the Angolmois capsule.


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