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The name or term Mirage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mirage (disambiguation).

"The name's Mirage! Come on, give me a little.. a little tap. There you go, now we're friends!"
―Mirage to Noah Diaz [src]

Mirage is an Autobot warrior, and is best friends with Noah Diaz.


Mirage was one of the seven Autobots that landed on Earth and remained there for 7 years isolated from their home. Adopting a vehicle form, Mirage possessed an interest of Earth's culture, speaking in African-American Vernacular English and seems to be more focused on customs.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts[]

Voice actor: Pete Davidson (English), Szymon Roszak(Polish)

MIrage, in his vehicle form, was in hiding.


Mirage is a rebellious Autobot, constantly disobeying Optimus Prime's orders, like revealing himself to the human Noah when Optimus states not to. Mirage is also very immature, constantly making jokes and not thinking about the consequences when he makes decisions. However, despite his flaws, he's still a noble Autobot, sacrificing himself to protect his human friend Noah.


  • Holographic projections: Mirage can project holograms of himself, as seen when he and Noah are being chased by a cop. These clones have different actions seemingly based on his personality or actions and will dissipate on command or when hit by someone with force.
  • Exo suit transformation: Mirage was able to change into a human-sized exo suit of armor equipped with weapons for Noah to take the fight to the Terracons.
  • Vehicle transformations: Mirage has the unique ability to change between multiple vehicle forms while keeping the form he chose (which is a blue and silver Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8). The forms he takes do not affect the size or weight when in robot form and they share the same color.
  • Regeneration: In mid-credits, Mirage was healed by Noah using the scraps of the Porsche and they are now a part of him when he changed form, indicating he can reattach to new or missing parts in both forms.


Studio Series[]

  • Mirage (Deluxe Class, 2023)
  • Accessories: Arm cannon, Unknown backdrop
  • Studio Series Number: 105
Studio Series ROTB Mirage

Studio Series Mirage is based on his appearance in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, transforming into an officially licensed Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8. He comes with an arm cannon that can be plugged into his hand, and a backdrop, although it is currently unknown what the backdrop represents. He is seemingly based on Mirage's design from the first trailer of Rise of the Beasts, where his head has white on it, rather than being blue like the Big Game TV spot.

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3D Battle Card Game[]

  • Mirage (2007)


Card number: 8
Mirage is a 26-point "Common" piece in the 3D Battle-Card Game. Constructed of punch-out pieces from randomly-packed plastic cards (two full robots per pack), he can be assembled into his car mode (model undetermined), or into a rather stumpy robot mode. His twin blaster-weapons can be mounted on his arms (their nominal placement) or on his shoulders.
He uses the same construction as the Barricade, Earth-mode Bumblebee, and Swerve cards. This style is similar to the one used by Cliffjumper, Jazz and Smokescreen.


  • Mirage's original appearance for 3D Battle Card Game is clearly based on the Alternators Mirage toy, but he's not remotely as obvious about it as the Cliffjumper and Smokescreen cards are. While all the parts are in roughly the same place as the Alternators toy, the detailing is very much in line with the movie aesthetic, featuring a lot of shifted panels and extensive mechanical greeblies.