This article is about the Robots in Disguise Spychanger marksman. For other Transformers with the name Mirage, see Mirage (disambiguation).

Mirage is an Autobot Spy Changer in the Robots in Disguise continuity family.

Mirage is one of the elite Spy Changers, and is their best marksman. As a Spychanger, he has the ability to drive on almost any surface, and can also cloak himself and thereby render himself invisible. He and his team-mate Ironhide go way back.

He should not be confused with Mirage GT.

Japanese name: Counter Arrow


Animated continuity

Robots in Disguise

Voice actor: Wally Wingert (US)

Mirage first appeared with his fellow Spy Changers in order to stop one of the Predacons' schemes to steal a plutonium power generator.

Later, the team tried to protect a ruby from Predacon theft, but the mission failed - partly because of Mirage's unwillingness to fire at the Predacons and risk hitting a chemical tank. Mirage would not explain himself, and "left" the Spy Changers because he felt they should trust his motives, but when his friend Ironhide tried to convince him to come to his senses, he became aware that he was carrying a transmitter created by Gas Skunk. Mirage used this to his advantage, and deceptively alienated Ironhide, while at the same time decieving the Predacons that he could be a potential ally. Ultimately, he carried the ruse to its full extent, leading his fellow Spy Changers to the laser weapon the Predacons had created. Using hand signals, he helped them to understand his plan, and they successfully destroyed the weapon with help from T-AI and the Global Space Bridge.


Robots in Disguise

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