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The name or term Mirage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mirage (disambiguation).

Mirage (aka Dino) is a sneaky Transformer and, despite being a loyal Autobot, doesn't respect humans very much. He is armed with a dart rifle, electro-disruptor and the ability to cloak himself. He also possesses two blades forged from the strongest Cybertronian alloys that he wields viciously in battle.

Like the late Jazz, he takes his appearance seriously, and prides himself on his looks. He believes there is no better vehicle mode than a Ferrari — it looks good and is fast, two things that are a must have for Mirage.

"On the ground, per favore, and stay there!"
―Dino to the guards of the power plant.[[Transformers: Dark of the Moon.| [src]]]


Dark of the Moon comics


Mirage and Wheeljack arrive on Earth after the battle of Egypt. In the battle of Chicago, Soundwave rips his head off.

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Dark of the Moon film

Voice actor: Francesco Quinn (English)


Some time after Operation: Firestorm and the demise of the The Fallen, Dino arrived on Earth in the Xantium with Que, Roadbuster, Topspin and Leadfoot, joined the NEST team with the form of a red Ferrari 458 Italia

Dino joins an attack on an illegal nuclear plant located in the Middle East along with Bumblebee, Que, and Sideswipe. Driving along the entrance road, he smashes through the barrier, transforms and tells the guards to stand down as the other Autobots moved to destroy the plant.


Dino later returned to base with the other Autobots and was ordered to bay 37 for weapons assessment. Once that was done, he was standing next to Optimus Prime after he stayed in his vehicle mode and refused to talk to anyone. Dino said that Prime wasn't talking to anyone today. He then witnessed Optimus' conversation with the United States government about Apollo 11's true mission: To investigate a crashed ship with the previous Autobot leader Sentinel Prime inside.

He was also present when Optimus reactivated Sentinel Prime. And when he lashed out at Optimus from being in stasis for so long, Dino and the others rushed over to see what's happening, Optimus then tells Sentinel Prime he is home.

Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to control your dog.

Later, when the Dreads attack the Autobots on the highway, Dino transforms and leaps into the air and uses his whips to latch onto the Dread, Hatchet. With some difficulty, he manages to kill Hatchet by pulling over onto a car traveling the other way on the free-way. Sideswipe then tells Dino that he will finish off the other two.

When the Autobots leave Earth, Starscream shoots down the Xantium, which held Dino and the others. However, it is revealed that the Autobots hid in a booster pod that safely fell back to Earth before the Xantium was destroyed.


Dino joins the final battle in Chicago, where he, alongside Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Que, and Ratchet, has been captured by Soundwave, Barricade, and other Decepticons. However, Dino manages to escape the Decepticon clutches thanks to a distraction by Brains and Wheelie. He later participates in the final charge, battling several Decepticons with his arm blades and survives the battle. Dino is seen at the end of Dark of the Moon walking with the other Autobots walking toward Optimus after he killed Megatron and Sentinel, but he stays back with the Wreckers while Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee join Prime. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon comic

Dark of the Moon novelization

{{note|Mirage's role in the story remains largely the same as in the movie

He assists Sideswipe and Bumblebee in taking out the Dreads, and stows away in the Autobot shuttle along with the rest of his team. They arrive in Chicago to take on the Decepticons, and he helps Sam and Bumblebee fight off Shockwave and his Driller.

Age of Extinction film

After the battle for Chicago, Harold Attinger's CIA taskforce "Cemetery Wind" began hunting down the Autobots in addition to the remaining Decepticons on Earth. Mirage received a message from Optimus Prime, instructing all Autobots to flee for their lives.

Five years later, Optimus questioned Mirage's absence, to which Hound replied that it was uncertain if anyone else evaded Cemetery Wind. However, Mirage was not listed as "deceased" by Cemetery Wind, however, it is not known whether he was alive at the time of the events film Age of Extinction, or not. Age of Extinction

Dark of the Moon video game

Xbox 360/PS3 version

Chapter III


Mirage goes on a mission to retrieve Sideswipe after he was captured by Decepticon patrols while he was on a reconnaissance mission on an ancient Cybertronian space port in South America. He is injured by Starscream and is left with no weapons but his blades. He is able to sneak through Decepticon patrols using a cloaking field, and manages to get his weapons and vehicle mode back. He is later assisted by Bumblebee and battles a Decepticon Enforcer and frees Sideswipe, but the group has to fight numerous waves of Decepticons until Major Reynolds' NEST aerial strike team arrive and demolish all Decepticons before moving to stop the launch. They tried to stop Starscream from launching a Decepticon ship into space, but fail and Starscream retreats.

Nintendo DS version

Dark of the Moon

He is defeated by Lockdown in the level Deconstruction site.


Lost Age (Age of Extinction) toy line


  • Dino (Deluxe, 2014)
Accessories: Blades

This figure is a repaint of the Sideways and Dead End toy from the Revenge of the Fallen line. It features a newly molded head and comes with Dino's signature blades which are detachable for transformation.


3D Battle Card Game

  • Mirage (2007)


Card number: 8
Mirage is a 26-point "Common" piece in the 3D Battle-Card Game. Constructed of punch-out pieces from randomly-packed plastic cards (two full robots per pack), he can be assembled into his car mode (model undetermined), or into a rather stumpy robot mode. His twin blaster-weapons can be mounted on his arms (their nominal placement) or on his shoulders.
He uses the same construction as the Barricade, Earth-mode Bumblebee, and Swerve cards. This style is similar to the one used by Cliffjumper, Jazz and Smokescreen.


  • Mirage's original appearance for 3D Battle Card Game is clearly based on the Alternators Mirage toy, but he's not remotely as obvious about it as the Cliffjumper and Smokescreen cards are. While all the parts are in roughly the same place as the Alternators toy, the detailing is very much in line with the movie aesthetic, featuring a lot of shifted panels and extensive mechanical greeblies.
  • He is one of the least seen Autobots along with Roadbuster, Leadfoot, and Topspin in Dark of the Moon. He only has two lines, "On the ground, per favor, and stay there!" and "He's in a bad mood. He's-a-not-a talking to anybody today."
  • His pre-production names are Enzo[1] and Rush.[2]
    • In the Dark of the Moon 3D Blu-Ray's special features, he is referred to as Enzo.
  • He is called Dino in the film. Although the producers originally wanted him to be called Mirage, Ferrari asked to name him after Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari.[1]
  • He speaks in an Italian accent, a reference to the fact he transforms into a Ferrari Italia car.
  • Like Jolt, he uses whips. However, Dino's whips cannot electrify nor connect the parts of one Transformer to another.
  • If one looks close enough, his Autobot logo can be seen on his forehead.
    • The insignia is split down the middle.
  • It is Mirage who gets killed in the Dark of the Moon comic instead of Wheeljack.
  • He seems to dislike humans. This can be seen in the Dark of the Moon game where he refers to Reynolds as simply "human". He also shows little to no concern for his human allies and must be urged by Reynolds to check on the crashed helicopter.
  • In Dark of the Moon film, he transforms into a Ferrari 458 Italia that is colored in "Rosso Corsa" which is basically Ferrari red.


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