Mirage is a Vehicon in Beast Machines portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

Mirage is a joker. This sneaky and elusive Vehicon likes nothing better than to play pranks on those around him -- even if it's his fellow Vehicons. Superb speed and the ability to teleport up to 200 yards makes him an ideal quick attack specialist. Unfortunately, he's also very dumb, forcing Megatron to constantly keep an eye on him.

Mirage was "created by Megatron to breach the intelligence gap between Vehicon generals and their drones." It is unclear whether Mirage has a spark and acts as a lieutenant of sorts for another General (most likely Thrust) or if he's simply an advanced drone with more autonomy.

Pre-release names: Skidmark and Burnout


Universe: The Wreckers

Mirage was a Vehicon created by Megatron to bolster the his ranks of light infantry in the fight against the Maximals. Mirage was sent to investigate a transwarp anomaly. The anomaly, heralding the arrival of Primal Prime and his crew from ancient Earth, also drew the attention of the Wreckers Rodimus and Apelinq. In the ensuing battle, Mirage and Apelinq plunged into the anomaly moments before it closed. Apelinq ended up on ancient Earth. Mirage, on the other hand, was destroyed either within the anomaly or soon after their arrival.

Back on Cybertron, Megatron sent a light infantry force of Mirage's chase model drones and Scavenger drones, to fight alongside the generals Spy Streak, Blastcharge, and Quake and their respective drones to guard an old Autobot shuttle from the Wreckers, who wished to use it to get offworld. It was quite the welcoming party. The majority of the Mirage drones were destroyed by the Wreckers. Those that weren't were caught in the blast that consumed the facility as the shuttle launched. Departure

Note: Devcon occupied a Mirage chase model drone body during the first portion of the story told in the Wreckers comics.


Beast Machines

Anyone have some V8?

  • Mirage (Basic, 2000)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles, gun
Mirage transforms into a translucent blue, yellow and silver Cybertronic racer that resembles a heavily modified Formula One car. He includes two pressure-launch missiles that resemble exhaust pipes. In robot mode, the soles of his feet are unfortunately the painted rear wheel covers, and thus are prone to paint chipping. The gun on his head can be removed and held as a pistol.
The Beast Machines mold was used for Mirage GT, redecoed in yellow and translucent black.


  • Mirage's on-package bio is very similar to Skywarp's, including the ability to teleport and the need for constant supervision.

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