Mirage's Betrayal is the ninth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 18, 2001 on Fox Kids.




The Spy Changers battle against the Predacon goons, who have stolen some precious plutonium. But during the battle, a second Dark Scream appears, so Mirage, revealing the entire battle had been in a training simulation, decides to end the exercise. As Mirage leaves, R.E.V. gives Mirage a brief quiz on hand signals. Meanwhile, the real Predacons have created an electronic bug to track and listen to any Autobot they place it on. Dorie Dutton broadcasts from the International Exposition center where she gives exposition about the world's largest ruby, which could be used in a giant "laser". Koji catches the news, and being a bright lad, figures the Predacons would likely want to steal the ruby (as it happens, he's entirely correct). Prime agrees with Koji's suspicions and sends the Spychangers to keep an eye on the precious gem. During the night, things play out as predicted and the Predacon Trio try to steal the Ruby. The Spychangers show up to stop them, and during the fight, none of the Spychangers notice Dark Scream place a tiny tracking bug on Mirage, who is positioned on top of a building as a sniper. Gas Skunk exhales blinding gas so he and his cronies can vamoose, and Mirage is unable to open fire on the three because he's afraid of hitting a chemical plant and causing collateral damage. So the Predacons get away with the ruby. From the safety of their own base, the Predacons listen in on the Spychangers. Rather than explain that he didn't want to hit the power plant, Mirage just quits the team. Later, at the Autobot base, T-AI brings up Mirage on a video screen, but he hangs up on his former teammates. Ironhide and Mirage meet in person at the Exposition Center, and Ironhide gives his friend another chance to explain why he let the Predacons get away. Mirage refuses to explain, but Ironhide figures it out on his own. Mirage still continues to badmouth his former teammates, and after being punched by Ironhide, he notices the listening device placed upon him by Dark Scream. Mirage continues to express that he doesn't care about the rest of the Autobots, but at the same time, he waves his arms in an odd and dramatic fashion. Knowing the Predacons are listening, Mirage mentions that he's considering joining up with the other team. (Hearing the friendship ruined, Sky-Byte is brought to tears). When the Predacons report to Megatron, Megatron agrees that Mirage should be recruited. Mirage fills up on gas, passing by the usual civilian company. Away from the station, he passes by the Predacon trio, who invite him onto their side. He agrees to join the Predacons to get back at the Spychangers. Later, Sky-Byte shows Mirage the "Mega-Laser." The "Mega-Laser" is highly sophisticated and powerful. Mirage is impressed when a demonstration of the "Laser" destroys a mountain. Not revealing his betrayal, Mirage invites the other Spychangers and invites the Autobots to come help him stop the Predacons from using the "Mega-Laser" he's discovered. The Spychangers join Mirage at the location of the "Laser" while the Predacons hide and wait for the proper moment to take action. Mirage greets his former friends with dramatic, foreshadowed arm movements. Ironhide realizes that Mirage is silently using arm signals to communicate with the other Spychangers in a manner the Predacons don't understand. At the end of a finger countdown, the Spychangers all turn together and blast the Predacons out of their hiding space, and Mirage fires the laser control out of Sky-Byte's hand. Mirage shows Ironhide and the Spychangers the bug he discovered the Predacons had placed on him. Before the team can hug and make up, the laser fires again - clearly there was more than one detonator. To destroy the laser, the Global Space Bridge is wrapped around it and the Spychangers circle around the laser and direct its blast back at Megatron's hovering base. With the Predacons' scheme finished, the Spychangers apologize to Mirage. Ironhide asks Mirage to hit him back to make the two even for Ironhide's attack earlier, but Mirage shows that it's an unnecessary gesture. Mirage is welcomed back onto the team. Then Ironhide and Mirage share a tender race.


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Written by: Richard Epcar

Notable quotes

R.E.V.: "Tell me what this hand signal means here!"
Mirage: "Oh, that's a real tough one! That means caution, enemies nearby! Happy now?"
Ironhide: "You know, he is right!"
Mirage: "It also means you look ridiculous!"

Mirage isn't a big fan of the Spychangers' unsubtle hand signals

"Apparently, that guy's got some loose bolts!"

W.A.R.S. isn't a big fan of Mirage

"What's happened to you, Mirage? I thought I knew you! I thought you were dedicated! I thought you cared!"
"Yeah, well, you thought wrong. I don't care about them, and I don't care about you."
"I can't believe you're saying this! You and me are history!"

Ironhide and Mirage break up

Dark Scream: "Are you crying?"
[[Sky-Byte nods]]
Gas Skunk: "He's very sensitive."
Slapper: "Yeah, but isn't he kind of getting carried away?"
Dark Scream: "If he keeps this up, he's going to short out his motherboard and warp his mainframe!"

Sky-Byte is heartbroken over Ironhide and Mirage

Mirage: "Well, I'll see you guys around. Don't let Sky-Byte get to you."
Gas Skunk: "Do you hear that? He really cares about us!"

Gas Skunk is a little too hungry for approval

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode makes reference to Mirage and Ironhide being old friends. Mirage and Ironhide both share their names with Generation One characters, but despite their fairly large roles in the original show, their Generation One counterparts never directly addressed each other.
  • In reality, the International Exposition Center is the "Tokyo Big Sight" convention center.
  • This is one of the few episodes to not feature Side Burn, Prowl, and X-Brawn.
  • This is not the only time that a Mirage has been suspected of treachery.








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