Minor is an Autobot military rank in Transformers Animated continuity.

In the Autobot military organization, Minor is a commissioned officer rank somewhere below Prime. It is generally assigned to Autobot Academy graduates, many of whom are on the fast track to the Cybertron Elite Guard. It is appended to the end of an Autobot's name, much as the Prime rank is. Minors are often assigned to train the less prestigious enlisted Autobots.


Animated cartoon

A jerk at any rank, Sentinel Minor was the drill officer of the Autobot boot camp attended by Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Autoboot Camp It is unknown if Optimus was also a Minor. Along Came a Spider


  • The appellative "Minor" was first used for the Beast Wars Optimus Minor toy, but this is not an official reference to or use of a rank.
  • The toy of Transformers Animated Rodimus Prime credits him as a Minor.
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