The Minions of Unicron are a faction of Unicron-aligned Transformers in the Universe war.

Minions of Unicron serve one purpose: guiding Unicron, the Dark God of Chaos, towards his rightful place of dominance at the End of All Things. Some have entered communion with the Planet Eater of their own accord, but it is the countless blackened sparks culled from the multiverse that puts existence itself in peril. Once noble Transformers, the psychic tendrils of Unicron's influence corrupts them, remaking them in his lightless image, mind, body, and spark. With each spark consumed, Unicron's damaged form grows stronger, ever nearing fully-restored consciousness; with each spark consumed, the Allspark diminishes as Primus, the Lord of Light, is slowly eaten away. Primus has responded by gathering an army of his own, and the clashes between the two forces are known as the Universe war.

The Decepticon sigil is frequently worn by Minions of Unicron, despite the fact that Decepticons are descended from Primus, and several Decepticons are not such Minions.



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