Mini Mayhem is a series of Fumetti-style comic strips by Jesse Wittenrich and appearing in the Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine produced by Fun Publications. It features a comical take on Transformers using posed toys from numerous lines, most frequently the MyClone mini-figures.

However, the majority characters in the strip are not Transformers toys but Minimates, 2" tall multi-property brand mini-block figures produced by Diamond Select Toys. The use of toys produced by a competitor to Hasbro is grudgingly allowed in the fan club magazine as long as only Minimates from licenses Hasbro also holds, such as Marvel and Battlestar Galactica characters, or generics kitbashed by Wittenrich, are used in fan-club strips.

Despite this and the fact the strip began as a fan project, the strips which appear as part of the official content of the fan club magazine are considered to be some sort of canon for the purposes of this wiki. If you turn your head to the side and squint a bit.

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