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This article is about the Generation One team of drones created by Ramjet. For a list of other teams, see Constructicon (disambiguation).
Mini-Constructicons are non-transforming servant robots from the Generation One continuity family.

Considering who built them, it could have been worse.

Mini-Constructicons are small, seemingly non-transforming robots created by Ramjet to act as servants. Time spent listening to Earth radio has led them to adopt speech patterns that include words like "whassup" and "f'real."

Generation One

IDW comics continuity

Ramjet created the three Mini-Constructicons to build things for him. Presumably this included his base of operations and the means by which he created facsimiles. Their most important duty, though, was building a Cybertronic tracking device that would allow Ramjet to monitor every single Transformer on Earth. Once the tracker was completed, two of the Mini-Constructicons asked "R.J." to "remember his boys" and "give them a taste" upon his eventual ascension to power. Ramjet responded by destroying them and reminded the third not to make the mistake of overreaching himself. Later, Megatron dumped Ramjet's mangled corpse in his base, which the remaining Mini-Constructicon thought was "harsh."

Had Ramjet's plans come to full fruition, the Mini-Constructicons would have been either replaced or supplemented with Micro-Constructicons, a nanite technology to be injected into the bloodstream of the humans, turning them into slaves. Slaves with tiny jivetalking robots in their bloodstreams. Surreal, isn't it? Spotlight: Ramjet