RID15-toy ArmorLion

The Mini-Con armor lion is a rarely-seen robo-beast assembled from the armor and weapons from various Mini-Cons. Rarely-seen because those parts come from both Autobot- and Decepticon-allied Mini-Cons! Good luck getting them to work together!

The extent of its abilities or intelligence level is unknown.


Robots in Disguise (2015)

  • Divebomb (Mini-Con, 2015)
  • Dragonus (Mini-Con, 2015)
  • Sawback (Mini-Con, 2015)
  • Slipstream (Mini-Con, 2015)
The armor lion is a small robo-beast made up of eight armor pieces, two each from all four of the first-wave single-pack Mini-Cons. Slipstream's helmet and "jetpack", Divebomb's twin blades, Sawback's axes and Dragonus's axes fit together to form a bright, multi-colored lion.
Absolutely no mention of this combination is made anywhere on any of the toys' packaging or instructions.
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