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*[[Leader-1]] (leader)
*[[Leader-1]] (leader)
*[[Payload (Armada)|Payload]]
*[[Skyblast (Armada)|Skyblast]]
*[[Skyblast (Armada)|Skyblast]]

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The Mini-Con Sector is an area of Cybertron in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The Mini-Con Sector is the area of Cybertron where Mini-Con villages are located, apparently segregated from the other factions on the planet. Each village is identified by a letter and a two-digit number.

Known Mini-Con villages and their inhabitants

Village B13

Village C52

Village D10


Dreamwave comics continuity

One million years ago, Megatron formed the Decepticons and began raiding the Mini-Con Sector village-by-village, abducting entire populations.

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