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The Mini-Con Matrix is a powerful object from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Mini-con matrix

"The fate of the Mini-Con world rests in a little glowy triangle thing. Am I the only one who's worried here?"

The Mini-Con Matrix was created by the Mini-Cons of Over-Run's universe who, unable to save themselves or their world from being destroyed by Unicron, merged their spark essences into an artifact which might give another universe hope for survival.


Dreamwave comics continuity

The Matrix was brought into this universe by Over-Run, a Mini-Con who had escaped the destruction of his own universe. Over-Run protected the Matrix from Unicron's heralds, eventually bringing it under the protection of the Autobots. In a mission to rescue Optimus Prime, who had been shunted into Over-Run's doomed reality, Over-Run used the Matrix to enhance Optimus Prime and Jetfire's power to a level which might give Unicron pause. In the final battle with Unicron, the Mini-Con essences within the Matrix were amplified by the living essences of the Armada universe's Mini-Cons to help defeat the planet-eater.

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