Mini-Clones are clones of Axiom and Theorem, Simacore's Mini-Clones are sparkless soldiers who fight for the scientist, in order to help him get his revenge on Grimlock

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3


Fixit picked up on multiplying Decepticon signals beneath Crown City. The Autobots (sans Grimlock) left to investigate. Upon arrival at an abandoned subway tunnel entrance, they found the entrance blocked off with old, damaged trains. Upon moving the blockage, an army of Mini-Clones, noted by Drift as appearing to have no spark, left the tunnel and overwhelmed the team. After a tough battle, Grimlock showed up through a Groundbridge portal, his superseded causing him to knock out a few Mini-Clones. More prepared to attack him but were taken out by his teammates.

As the Autobots searched the tunnel for the Decepticon responsible, Strongarm found Vertebreak's old lab, which had now become a cloning facility for Simacore to make more Mini-Clones. Thankfully, these nightmares never saw the light of day.


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