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This article is about the Generation 2 Cybertronian. For the Reveal the Shield Autobot, see Mindset (TF 2010).

Mindset is a second generation Cybertronian Empire Decepticon in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Shoot it, like some vast predatory bird!

Mindset never does anything by halves.

A commander of some unspecified rank within the Cybertronian Empire, Mindset considers organic life to be "puddles of organic matter" incapable of creative thought. He likes to "tricurse" things and may be a Xal worshipper. Oh, and he's a descendant of the Combaticon Onslaught through budding. He gets eaten.


Marvel Comics continuity[]

Generation 2[]


Got to-- SPOOM!

A commander in charge of pacifying (i.e., obliterating) the planet Karn to draw the Autobots and Decepticons out of hiding, Mindset proceeded with his mission in a businesslike fashion, though he didn't understand why the plan would work. How could anyone attach any meaning or value to these "puddles of organic matter"? Neither did he understand why the Swarm failed to fall before his troops' firepower. He and his troops were devoured, despite his protests, and his destruction mystically gave Onslaught, light years away, sharp pains. Swarm


  • Mindset's relationship with Onslaught is curious. Onslaught is presented as Mindset's ancestor through budding, but Onslaught was likely built on Earth in 1986. (The Combaticons appeared in the US comics without explicit explanation, but it's implied that they were produced similarly to the other combiner teams. The UK comics elaborate further, claiming the designs for all the Scramble City-type combiners came from Buster Witwicky's mind.) Considering this, it seems impossible for Mindset to have been created from Onslaught millions of years ago. Oops.
  • Possibly a coincidence, Onslaught's 2008 Universe combiner toy transforms into a vehicle with a rear-mounted missile rack, just like Mindset.