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Sari took Bumblebee and Bulkhead to see a fair that was going on in the park and the B's were curious as to a mime's act. Sari explains that the mime was pretending to be a robot. Bumblebee thinks that his technique is off and offers some "training tips" and does a little dance routine for the audience. Everyone applauds, but Bulkhead wonders what's going on. Sari say the audience is clapping, and Bulkhead joins in. However, Bulky's clapping starts to shake up the festival and blast everyone away. Sari hangs on to a lamppost for dear life. Bumblebee asks if they should take off, Sari agrees. Bumblebee transforms in vehicle mode, Sari gets in. The two race off leaving Bulkhead to continue his applause/earthquake.

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