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Miles Lancaster is a human from the Movie continuity family.

Lord of Dogtown.

Miles Lancaster is Sam Witwicky's best friend. He thinks climbing trees is cool and will get him attention from chicks. He believes in the motto, "bros before hos," but unfortunately Sam isn't with him on that one.

He's kind of a weirdo. Witwickys make friends with really weird people, don't they?


Transformers 2007 film

Actor: John Robinson

After Sam got his new car, Miles joined him on a trip to the lake, where Sam hoped to impress Mikaela with his new wheels. While Sam had a "conversation" with Mikaela's then-current boyfriend Trent, Miles climbed a nearby tree and hung upside-down from it. Sam wasn't amused.

When Mikaela started walking home, irked by her jock boyfriend, Sam had to do a lot of arguing to get Miles out of the damn car so he could offer Mikaela a ride home alone. Apparently, Miles' solution of putting her in the backseat wasn't satisfactory.

Miles was washing his dog when Sam called him about "Satan's Camaro" stalking him. Apparently, he didn't believe it. Transformers (film)