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This article is about the Prime human. For the Kre-O human, see Miko Nakadai (Kre-O).
Miko Nakadai is a human from Prime continuity family.

If looks could get you into trouble...

Miko Nakadai is a 15-year-old Japanese girl who is an exchange student, seeking to be "in on the action" after seeing Arcee. Miko is very adventurous to the point of being reckless, causing nothing but headaches for Raf, Jack, and the Autobots.


Prime cartoon

Voice actor: Tania Gunadi (English)


One word for this girl - Reckless. Miko loves adventure and to be in on the action to the point of disregarding the danger or even her own life, and rarely considers the consequences for her actions. Still, she's a good person who cares deeply for her friends, is dedicated to the Autobots, and very close to her protector Bulkhead, to the point of refusing to leave him to the mercy of Starscream. Her hotheaded demeanor causes no end of headaches for her friends and the Autobots. She also has a habit/hobby of taking pictures with her cell phone, which has actually helped the bots from time to time.

Though she may seem harmless, Miko is far more willing than most of her other companions to fight back. When Bulkhead was severely injured by Hardshell she teamed up with Wheeljack in order to take revenge. When Hardshell had Wheeljack beaten and had been ordered to flee in his ship, she instead chose to activate the Jackhammer's weapons systems and blew Hardshell to pieces. When his remains were brought to Megatron's attention, the Decepticon leader was surprised that a human would be capable of such an act of violence.

Miko's act of killing Hardshell was more to save Wheeljack from the Insecticon, but she did in fact feel no remorse for killing Hardshell, but neither did she find satisfaction.


Miko is a skilled guitarist, owing to her love for rock music, and her favorite band is Slash Monkey. With the Autobots she became skilled in mechanical engineering, and she's somewhat of a photographer, using her cell phone to take pictures of the Autobots constantly. The cell phone apparently can synch with Autobot communications, seen when she used it to spy on a Decepticon energon mine and her phone's camera transmitted everything it saw and heard to Wheeljack's ship.

Her signature weapon on two episodes is an axe.


  • She seems to like Bulkhead, her protector, the best and frequently follows him into dangerous situations.
  • It might be worth noting that, in Japanese, being referred to by the name "Miko" without honorifics by anyone not particularly close to her would be very rude. For example, Starscream did this on one occasion. Miko is never shown to be bothered by this, however; it may be a result of her personality or a sign of acclimation not only to the English language, but to Western customs in general.
  • She is the second Autobot-aligned human in the show to take out a Decepticon (Hardshell), Jack being the first after using Scraplets to destroy another Insecticon on Cybertron.
    • Coincidentally, both were Insecticons