"Bad things happens to bots when I leave their side."
―Miko to Wheeljack. [src]

Miko Nakadai (仲代ミコ, Nakadai Miko) is a 15-year-old girl from Japan with a strong love of American pop culture. Shriek metal and wild punk outfits are her thing and she's always searching for thrills, causing trouble for her friends Jack Darby and Raf Esquivel. Miko started to hang out with her best friend Bulkhead too, helping him get over his fear of hurting his tiny partner and encouraging him to get in trouble with her. However, when the chips are down, Miko looks out for her friends and will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety.

Miko is a supportive friend and a member of Team Prime.


When living in Tokyo, Miko had two loving parents and two purebreed cats, named Chi Chi and Ding Dong. Miko went to the best school and took piano lessons from the age of three, but she found it all so boring that she jumped at the chance to transfer to Jasper, Nevada. Once there, she learned English and became very fluent in the language with only a trace of Japanese accent and quickly realized that the brochure had lied about Jasper being "the entertainment capital of the world", and soon piano lessons seemed pretty good in comparison.

Miko was sitting outside her high school sketching Arcee, who was parked in motorcycle mode in a very colorful and creative way. She received a phone call from her host parents, but decided to ignore it. When Jack rode off on Arcee, she decided to follow the motorcycle because it was the coolest ever. She caught up to Jack in an alley in time to overhear Arcee, who had transformed to robot mode, asking Jack to go back with her to Autobot headquarters for his own safety. When Jack hesitated, Miko encouraged him to go. Since Miko now knows about the Autobots, Arcee took both of the humans back to headquarters. When Ratchet was surprised to see three humans, Arcee wryly explained that the youngsters had multiplied. Miko introduced herself to Bulkhead and promptly asked a barrage of questions, leaving the Autobot at a loss for words. Optimus Prime arrived and explained about "autonomous robotic organisms" and the Transformers civil war.

Ratchet picked up Cliffjumper's signal, but believed it was a computer system error, since Cliffjumper had previously gone offline. Prime went to investigate anyway. Miko offered to help, but Prime told the humans to remain with Ratchet, to both Miko and Ratchet's dismay. When the humans had to return home, Prime assigned Bulkhead to watch over Miko.

Bulkhead didn't need much encouragement to take Miko on an off-road jaunt on their way back to base. When they eventually reached their destination, they were deserted by pretty much all of the other Autobots, leaving them at the base with Jack and Raf. Miko decided to make the best of things by organizing those remaining into a band, and she kicked off with a solo on her electric guitar. Fortunately for the others, Agent Fowler picked this moment to make a return visit to complain about the energon mine explosion. The kids hid behind Bulkhead, but Miko's guitar gave them away. It was only Bulkhead's intervention that stopped Fowler from taking them into custody then and there. After the agent left, the base equipment picked up a distress call from his helicopter, suggesting he'd been captured by the Decepticons. When Bulkhead used the ground bridge to mount a rescue mission, Miko tagged along, unseen until it was too late. Bulkhead noticed her when she spoke up, but so did one of the Decepticon sentries, leading Miko to witness Bulkhead disemboweling the con. (He'd warned her not to look, but she thought it was awesome anyway.) They were joined a short time later by Jack and Raf, who accidentally attracted the attention of more sentries on the Decepticon ship.

Miko rode in Bulkhead's back seat as he swooped in and picked up the two other kids... and then stayed in there as he drove under the ship, transformed, scaled a nearby cliff and fought some Decepticons. After spewing on his floor mats, she knocked and he let her out. She discovered that the middle of a fight between Bulkhead and some Decepticons was no place for a young human to be. Once they moved into the ship, he was forced to slide her along the floor to keep her safe. They quickly ran into Arcee and Bumblebee with the two boys and after some more fighting, the Autobots cleared a room for the kids to hide in. Miko and Jack began arguing, which upset Raf, and the pair had to console him. They noticed a computer screen displaying important info, but before they could make a copy, a Decepticon appeared. Jack yelled to Miko to get a photo with her cell phone, but only after she snapped a picture of the con did he clarify that he meant the readout. They were subsequently rescued once again by the Autobots and Miko observed on the way back to base that they succeeded in rescuing Fowler. Miko was exuberant over their experiences as she handed over the picture, but Jack was furious that they'd all almost gotten killed. After he opted to return to his normal life, Miko paid him a visit and unsuccessfully attempted to convince him that the exciting life they had with the Autobots was much better.

When they discovered that the Decepticons were using the Giant Sized Array radio telescope in Texas for their space bridge, Miko accompanied Jack and Raf there to do some on-site hacking. It wasn't long before Soundwave spotted them and sent a tentacle to attack them, knocking Miko and Jack aside. Miko tried to strike at the appendage with an axe, only to miss and have the tentacle snatch up the weapon. They chased it into the next room, where Soundwave had severed the computer system's hard line. Miko took a picture of the Decepticon as he flew away and he responded by snapping a picture of the three of them. Defeated, the kids returned to base, where they monitored the Autobots' progress in destroying the space bridge. After the Autobots returned, Miko wondered if Optimus would now ask them to go home and forget everything that happened. (The answer, apparently, was no.)

Tasked with creating a science project for school, Miko decided on a model of the solar system. Bulkhead helped her by holding it up so she could paint it, but Ratchet somehow took over all of the kids' projects, leading her to observe he was a bit of a control freak. He produced a scale model of Cybertron for her which was not well received at school and Miko presumably did not achieve a high grade on it.

The kids arrived at base one Saturday just as Optimus and Arcee were heading out on a mission. She challenged Jack to a video game, but soon found herself on the losing end, at least until a random power fluctuation stopped the game. The reason for the malfunctions was revealed when Raf returned to the control room with a small metal critter the Autobots called a Scraplet. The day proceeded to be a series of surprises for Miko. First, Raf killed the Scraplet he'd found with a crowbar after it attacked Bumblebee and second, when she was Scraplet-hunting with Bulkhead, she discovered that the large Autobot screamed like a little girl. After they returned to the control room, she helped Jack and Raf fight the Scraplets off their Autobot friends. A plan was formulated to rid the base of Scraplets using the ground bridge, which meant the three kids had to repair an energon fuel line rupture. After the successful expulsion of the invaders, they helped repair Bulkhead and Bumblebee, but Miko was scared off by an itsy bitsy spider.

Miko was excited by the news that a new Autobot, Wheeljack, was coming to Earth, but figured if he was going to stick around, he'd have to find his own human. She hit it off with Wheeljack right away, and when the Autobots decided to celebrate, brought out her electric guitar. The kids listened to Bulkhead's tales of the old days on Cybertron, and then Wheeljack asked Miko to show him around the base. She answered all of his questions about where the base was and the contents of the armory, but after they returned to the control room, Bulkhead unmasked Wheeljack as a Decepticon impostor. The impostor took Miko hostage, threatening to squish her. After the ground bridge was activated, the real Wheeljack came through and hit the impostor, knocking Miko out of his grip and into Bulkhead's waiting hand. Once the impostor was disposed of, they again partied and Miko played her guitar some more. The three kids turned out to see Wheeljack off as he left for space, and Miko snapped off a picture of him and Bulkhead on her cell phone.

When the Autobots helped Fowler move a hi-tech device, the kids observed their progress from base with Ratchet. The Dynamic Nuclear Generation System was in danger of being captured by MECH, and Miko had the bright idea that Ratchet could ground bridge them onto the speeding train that was transporting the object. With some help from Raf, Ratchet got Jack and Miko on the train, and Miko grabbed a fire ax to try and defend the device with. The MECH goons ended up retreating after seeing Optimus. Silas blew up the track ahead of the train, and for a few moments, Jack and Miko thought they were doomed—Miko even asked Raf to make sure Bulkhead got her beloved electric guitar—but Optimus managed to stop the train in time.

Miko skipped out of detention one day when Bulkhead arrived outside the school, earning herself a lecture. Bulkhead took her on a mission to Greece, with the theory that she could use the time to work on her history report, but instead they found an ancient fresco showing an Energon Harvester. Breakdown arrived and used Bulkhead to break the fresco, but luckily, Miko had already snapped a picture of it with her phone. When Raf located the actual Harvester in a museum, Miko volunteered the services of the three kids to go in and retrieve it. After some deft work disabling a security camera with her phone, she, Jack and Raf were able to swipe the Harvester, but while making their escape, Miko was caught by a security guard. While they waited for the police, Miko bored him with every bit of knowledge she could remember about Greek history. Eventually, Fowler arrived to bail her out, and she happily told Bulkhead that she was going to write her history project on how the Autobots interacted with ancient races.

At school, Miko and Raf heard all about Jack's race with Vince, the local bully, and they congratulated him when he reached the Autobot base. He swore them both to secrecy. After Vince challenged Jack to another race but Arcee refused to take part, Miko helped Jack convince Raf to let him take Bumblebee instead. Miko and Raf subsequently failed to cover for Jack and Bumblebee's absence, first with Arcee, and then with Optimus.

After Optimus was struck down with a Cybonic plague and Arcee and Bumblebee infiltrated the Decepticon ship, the three kids watched Ratchet monitor the pair's progress as Arcee patched Bumblebee into the comatose Megatron's mind to find the cure. Miko later acted as referee for a basketball game between Bulkhead and Bumblebee.

When the Autobots detected a Dark Energon signal, Miko cheered Bulkhead on, but her seeming not to want to go alone made Jack and Raf suspicious. Sure enough, she made a break for the GroundBridge, and though Jack tried to stop her, she and the two boys ended up on the battlefield. The Autobots finally noticed them when she realized that she'd lost her cellphone and yelled at Jack. The kids were promptly sent back through the bridge, but interference from a Decepticon GroundBridge caused a disruption which deposited the trio in the Shadowzone . Unable to be seen or heard by the Autobots, they were pursued by Skyquake who had been resurrected as a zombie by Starscream. After Raf dropped his glasses, Miko risked her life to retrieve them. The kids managed to send a text to Miko's phone back at base to alert the Autobots, and attempted to use Starscream's severed arm against the rampaging Skyquake but only succeeded in dislodging his arm, which promptly began chasing them as well. The three kids returned to reality through a special GroundBridge portal engineered by Ratchet and, much to Jack's surprise, Miko took responsibility for the entire mess. Optimus said she'd went through was enough.

After Bulkhead was knocked out during a fight with Breakdown, Miko eventually managed to reach him on the comms, and he requested a GroundBridge back to base. She was disappointed to learn that Bulkhead hadn't manage to trash his foe, who had instead been snatched by MECH. She was even more dismayed when Bulkhead refused to go on the mission to rescue his arch-enemy, insisting that he should be the one to do it so that he could have a rematch. Even Dinolizard vs. Five-Headed Ape wasn't enough to distract her, and she eventually talked Bulkhead into going to Russia on his own to try to rescue Breakdown.

Miko was at the Autobot base when Jack and Arcee brought Jack's mom in to introduce her to everyone. Unfortunately, Jack's killjoy mom started making a habit of hanging out at the base, so things weren't as fun as they had been before. When Miko wanted to go on a mission with Bulkhead, he felt obliged to tell her to stay put because it wouldn't be safe. Miko managed to sneak along anyway, and persuaded Arcee not to make her go back to base. Though Arcee made them turn the rock music off, Miko got to hang out with Bulkhead, at least until they found Breakdown and Airachnid. From the cover of rocks, Miko attempted to snap a picture of the fight, only to have her phone snatched from her hand. The Decepticons' polarity gauntlet stuck Arcee and Bulkhead together, and as the further pursuit would be dangerous, Arcee insisted on Miko returning to base, causing the girl to complain loudly that Arcee was as bad as Jack's mom. After the mission, Miko took a picture of Bulkhead's new battle scars.

Miko was looking forward to a Slash Monkey concert when she was roped into going to an old energon mine with Jack, Bulkhead and Arcee. After complaining a lot, she slipped inside to test the mine's acoustics, only for a cave-in to occur, trapping her and Bulkhead. While Bulkhead supported the roof so it didn't crush them both, Miko attempted to clear some of the rocks but eventually became exhausted. They were eventually found, but not by Arcee as they had hoped, but by Starscream. After the Decepticon chased her around a bit, Jack arrived on a mining drill. Tearfully, she left Bulkhead behind and the two kids made a break for the surface. After Arcee rescued Bulkhead, they joined the two kids and escaped from the mine.

Bulkhead and Miko sneaked into a monster truck rally and Miko recorded parts of it on her phone. A week later, they were reviewing the footage when Bulkhead was called into the field to help retrieve Cybertronian data cylinder. Unimpressed at being told to clean the place by Ratchet, Miko followed Bulkhead to a battle field where the Autobots and Decepticons were battling in an attempt to claim the cylinder. Miko ran into safety and managed to call Ratchet for a groundbridge, but she couldn't give him enough precise coordinates to reach to the Cylinder and was forced to hang up when she dodged a blaster from a Vehicon. Left with no other choice, she unsuccessfully tries with desperation to push the Cylinder into the groundbridge. She tries pushing harder with all of her strength, but she isn't strong enough to move such a large object. She then tries kicking the Cylinder, but only succeeded in making it eject its contents into Bulkhead's cranium. Though Bulkhead seemed fine at first, he started painting formula at a mad rate, and when Miko realized he was beginning to forget things, she had it confirmed by Ratchet that the data from the cylinder was slowly destroying Bulkhead's mind. In an attempt to try and jog Bulkhead's memory, she took him to the monster truck track, only to be found by Knock Out and Breakdown. Miko attempted to conceal Bulkhead and contact the other Autobots, but when the searching Decepticons found Bulkhead, she tried to stop them removing his head. She again triggered the cylinder energy, which left Bulkhead and fired off into space. She believed that the energy had taken Bulkhead's mind with it, and was near inconsolable until something Ratchet said prompted her to get out her guitar, and the sound from it caused the comatose Bulkhead to wake up.

Miko lent her voice to "Mars Cat", which Raf used to cover up evidence of the Autobots which had found its way on to conspiracy websites. After Raf was gravely injured in an attack, Miko watched Ratchet and Mrs. Darby work to save his life and gave Raf a hug when they succeeded.

When June attempted to take the children with her when she left the base, Miko refused to go, asserting that neither June nor Bulkhead were her mother. As the Autobots discussed the ramifications of Unicron being at the center of the Earth, Miko wondered if Unicron would stretch and make the Earth explode. Optimus wasn't sure.

The humans listened as the Autobots battled giant stone Unicrons, and as Megatron arrived to offer to help the Autobots defeat Unicron. Miko was alarmed at the thought that Unicron would remain in the Earth's core after his defeat, but Raf and Ratchet explained that Unicron was the Earth's core and removing him would not be possible. To Miko's annoyance, the humans were instructed to hide when Megatron arrived. After Raf ran out to confront the Decepticon leader, Miko got her chance to holler that she would make sure Megatron would regret double-crossing any of her friends and had to be dragged away by Fowler. The humans all watched the Autobots and Megatron step through the GroundBridge into Earth's core.

Ratchet told the kids about Optimus back when he was Orion Pax, and how he got the Matrix. Miko and Raf were both concerned when they lost the Autobots' signals. The kids all took shelter underneath Ratchet when the ground started shaking, but were overjoyed when it turned out Prime's team had succeeded. They welcomed the Autobots back, but were shocked by the loss of Optimus, who had become amnesiac.

When it was determined they would need to reach Cybertron to deal with the problem, Miko suggested using the GroundBridge, adding that Ratchet could turbo-charge it when Raf pointed out that it could barely reach orbit. She was present at base when the Autobots failed to stop the Decepticons from stealing a power source for a new space bridge and thought Jack's plan to commandeer the Decepticon bridge was a good idea. Miko turned out to see Jack off as he left for Cybertron, though she seemed more concerned with how Jack was going to use the toilet in the spacesuit Fowler had supplied. Miko and the others monitored Jack's mission on Cybertron until he returned with the Autobots and a restored Optimus Prime.

After Bumblebee's T-cog was taken, Miko suggested that Ratchet make another one, only to be told it wasn't possible. She and Raf tried to cheer Bumblebee up, but all of their entertainment seemed to revolve around cars, which just made things worse. She and the other kids hung around for an attempted transplant and subsequently covered for Bumblebee when he went to get his cog back.

The kids were racing toy cars when Fowler reported being attacked by Optimus. They stuck around as Optimus returned and it turned out he was being impersonated by a MECH creation which Miko dubbed "Nemesis Prime". Later she asked Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Arcee on how it felt to be attacked by an imposter that looked like Optimus, to which Arcee responded by stating its a sight she won't forget. 

After the Nemesis became sentient, the kids GroundBridged aboard with Fowler to try and download the Iacon database. When they learned the ship was heading for New York City and Fowler was rendered unconscious, they headed for the power core. Miko and Raf ended up playing hide and seek with one of the ship's manipulator arms while Jack worked on reversing the energon flow. After succeeding, they high-tailed it back to the GroundBridge.

Jack and Miko volunteered to go to Manhattan with Arcee and Bumblebee in search of one of the relics. The two kids encountered Vogel, a sweeper train driver whom they took into their confidence. With his help, they used the sweeper train to hit Knock Out, but this resulted in the train barreling out of control. With a little assistance from Arcee, they stopped the train by running it into Knock Out, and subsequently got Fowler to draft Vogel to ensure his silence.

Going after Hardshell

After their victory, Miko rode in Bumblebee's passenger seat as they were GroundBridged back to base. As they rode, she listened and motioned herself in conjunction with the music Bumblebee was playing until the latter turned it off, causing her to ask if he and Raf usually listen to other type of genres. As he answered, she concluded that while she had a pleasurable time with him, it was time for her to reunite with Bulkhead, whom she discovered at the base when Bumblebee nearly crashed into the latter's body. As Ratchet tried to stabilize Bulkhead, Miko blamed herself for Bulkhead's injuries, citing that if she had went with him, he wouldn't have been in his current state of being before agent Fowler stated that it was beyond her control.

As the group continued to register with his condition, Arcee exclaimed to Optimus that Wheeljack was on his way. Angered, Miko concluded the group had already given up on Bulkhead and lashed out at them for doing so before Arcee explained that since Bulkhead and Wheeljack shared a close relationship, she thought Wheeljack would want to be present. However, Miko did not believe her and continued to cite her own belief of Arcee's statement. As she walked away, Optimus Prime asked her where she going. Miko angrily shouted that she was going home and trying to catch up to agent Fowler, whom she hoped could give her transportation. In reality, she had actually snuck aboard Wheeljack's ship. After being spotted by the Autobot, she tried to convince him to allow her to accompany him to exact revenge on the Decepticon responsible for Bulkhead's near-death state. She earned her place at his side after making a bargain to reveal whom had tried to kill Bulkhead to him if she was brought along.

During their outing, she snuck into a cave Wheeljack himself could not enter, due to his height and size and alerted him of the Vehicons presently located near the energon mine. The two then contacted Megatron and allowed him to listen as the energon mine blew up. As the two rode together, Wheeljack suggested to Miko that she go to sleep for a while before Miko reassured him that she was fine and expressed her belief that Bulkhead was going to live before asking Wheeljack, who himself believed the same theory. After Wheeljack described Bulkhead's strength, Miko exclaimed that Bulkhead would not miss any of their upcoming objectives the two had made together. As they landed, Miko woke up and expressed disappointment in not being able to come along with Wheeljack, whom had present the ship to send her home in case he went offline. She become angry, citing that the two had a deal. Wheeljack stated that Bulkhead was going to wake up and would harm him if she were not present before leaving the ship, causing Miko to utter his name in frustration.

Despite Wheeljack's orders, Miko participated in his battle with Hardshell by shooting the Decepticon and killing him while he was fighting and nearly defeated Wheeljack. When Wheeljack reminded her that she was supposed to not intervene, Miko assured Wheeljack that bad things happened to Autobots when she left their side.

Treating Bulkhead

Really Bulk

As Bulkhead worked to recover, Miko attempted to loudly encourage him to work harder at it. She was upset by his slow progress, but Arcee told her the story an adventure with Cliffjumper, during which Arcee and Cliffjumper encountered Shockwave and ended up on Earth. She continued to try to help Bulkhead, and when new Autobot Smokescreen arrived, tried to reassure him that he wasn't being replaced, despite herself being excited to see a new Autobot in Team Prime.

Bulkhead remained discouraged, despite Miko's ongoing support. She, Jack and Fowler were sent via GroundBridge to Raf's house when the Decepticons got control of a Project Damocles satellite and assisted him in destroying the satellite.

Captured and Traded /Leaving with Bulkhead

When Miko heard Cybertron might live again she made plans to live there with Bulkhead. She, Jack and Raf waited outside school one day for over an hour. When Jack called Ratchet he was told the Autobots were busy, Miko suggested Ratchet pick them up as he had nothing else to do but Ratchet told them to just go home. The kids were kidnapped by StarscreamSoundwave and Knock Out and brought to Cybertron to be traded for Omega Keys, which Miko stated it was not how she wanted her visit to Cybertron to turn out. Bulkhead handed over his key for Miko. Miko was amazed at the Omega Lock's power and wondered if it would restore Earth, before Optimus told her it would just turn Earth into another Cybertron. Optimus used the Star Saber to destroy the Omega Lock and as revenge the Decepticons stormed their base. Bulkhead and Miko bridged out to the Rockies.

Reunited with Team Prime

Bulkhead took her to the Wrecker meeting point where they sat all night before Wheeljack showed up. When he did he briefed them on a plan to reunite the team to regroup the Autobots by blowing up an Energon mine to draw the attention of nearby allies. The trio were attacked by a Predacon and rescued by Ultra Magnus and Arcee. As part of Magnus' plan to destroy Darkmount, Miko used her cellphone to draw Vehicon forces to the East Coast. Like everyone, Miko was overjoyed when it turned out that Optimus Prime had survived. When the Autobots set up their new base, Wheeljack almost crushed Miko with his Wrecker Lobbing Ball.

A More Active Role

Miko attack!!!

Later, Miko is secretly brought along by Wheeljack on a mission to find Predacon remains in Scotland. Ultra Magnus agrees to bring her since the Decepticons are all dead. When the Predacon arrived Ultra Magnus had her go to his ship to contact base. When she arrived she found Starscream and two Vehicons. An explosion distracted the Decepticons and Miko ran for the lift to the ship. Starscream noticed and stopped her. Desperate, she ran for the Apex Armor. To everyone's surprise (Including Miko herself) it worked for her. After being used as a chew toy by Predaking, she used it to fight off Starscream and his elite Vehicons.

She was afterwards officially made a member of the Wreckers. Wheeljack praised her but was fed up with Bulkhead siding with Magnus and left. After the mission she called Jack to see if Wheeljack showed up at base and learned he had gone on a mission with Arcee. She kept the Apex Armor as her personal weapon. She witnessed Raf building Chip and the Autobots mobilizing to secure the Omega Lock.

Miko proved instrumental in securing the Omega Lock 2.0. As Soundwave was always using GroundBridges to defend himself, Jack had a plan of using the bridges against him but needed Miko as back up. Jack, Ground Bridged onto the Nemesis, where four Vehicons confronted him. Miko then jumped out, wearing the Apex Armor and killed the Vehicons. She charged on Soundwave who tried to force her into a Ground Bridge. Unknown to Soundwave, she was bait. Raf opened a Bridge behind Soundwave sucking him into the Shadowzone. Miko saved Jack from being sucked in with Soundwave as she now weighed enough to resist the pull of the malfunctioning GroundBridges. She was later tossed around like a butterball when Jack tried to fly the Nemesis leading her to ask "Dude, where'd ya learn to drive?". She later punched Knock Out when he tried to join the Autobots. When the Autobots left she cried at the fact that Bulkhead was leaving her. She was there to see Optimus giving his last glimpse at his human friends and Ratchet before going back to Cybertron with the rest of Team Prime. 

Physical Appearance

Miko has brown eyes, fair skin and medium-long black hair with pink highlights and is worn in a low ponytail and two twintails at the top of her head. She is slim, taller than Rafael, but a little short around Jack.

She wears a two-toned purple T-shirt under a dark blue tank top with yellow stropes and a little green robot drawing, jean shorts, two-toned purple striped stockings, brown knee-high boots with purple ties and a soft two-toned purple bracelet as a match to her T-shirt.


If there is one word to describe Miko's personality its reckless. She is a thrill seeking adventurer who wants to be in on the action and has no regard for danger or her own safety and certainly no thought as to the potential consequences of her actions. Still she is, at heart, a good person who cares deeply about her friends and the Autobots. She is particularly close to Bulkhead her protector to the point of refusing to leave him at the mercy of Starscream. Her hot-headed and impetuous demeanor cause no end of headaches for her friends and Autobots. She also has a habit and hobby of taking pictures with her cell phone, which actually helped bots from time to time.

Though she may seem harmless, Miko is far more willing than most of her other companions to fight back. When Bulkhead was severely injured by Hardshell she teamed up with Wheeljack in order to take revenge. When Hardshell had Wheeljack beaten and had been ordered to flee in his ship, she instead chose to activate the Jackhammer's weapons systems and blew Hardshell to pieces. When his remains were brought to Megatron's attention, the Decepticon leader was surprised that even a human would be capable of such an act of violence.

Miko's act of killing Hardshell (by using the Jackhammer) was more to save Wheeljack. Miko didn't show remorse for killing Hardshell, but neither did she find satisfaction of her actions. Miko proved her bravery by confronting Soundwave himself singlehanded in Deadlock using the Apex Armor. She would do whatever it takes to prove herself and save or help her friends. She is also an arachnophobiac, that is, she is afraid of spiders.

She shows little regard for authority and rules which once led her to cut detention in Deus Ex Machina.


Miko is a skilled guitarist, owing to her love for rock music, and her favorite band is Slash Monkey. With the Autobots she became skilled in mechanical engineering, and she's somewhat of a photographer, using her cell phone to take pictures of the Autobots constantly. The cell phone apparently can synch with Autobot communications, seen when she used it to spy on a Decepticon energon mine and her phone's camera transmitted everything it saw and heard to Wheeljack's ship.

Miko is also bilingual, as she comes from Japan, but she speaks fluent English, likely due to her love of American pop culture.

By donning the Apex Armor, Miko was able to fight off two Vehicons and Starscream, with a haphazard fighting style as a mix of martial arts, sumo and wrestling. Despite the fact that she lacks muscle when she unsuccessfully attempted to; drag Acree's leg from Bulkhead's back, lift a giant rock to save herself and Bulkhead from danger or push a cylinder with all her might.

She is an excellent climber, as demonstrated in the episode Chain of Command where she manages to climb the high walls of the cave to call reinforcement. She managed to climb free climbing and without equipment. In this same episode, Miko demonstrates some form of agile and reflex pretty good, also a strong skill in hand-to-hand.


Main: Miko Relationships


  • Miko is Polygon Pictures 'favorite character. They add extravagant acts of her simplest movements.
  • Miko holds the honor of being the first honorary human Wrecker after she killed Hardshell by using the Jackhammer's weapons systems.
    • Bulkhead also seemed to be unsure about the statement, while Ultra Magnus found it hard to believe.
  • Miko is the first human to ever use the Apex Armor, which allowed her to fight full-sized Transformers on an equal footing although she had an edge as Starscream and his two Vehicons' blasters couldn't damage her in the indestructible Apex Armor.
  • Miko was supposed to visit her parents in Tokyo in Season 3, but it was cut for time, sadly. 
  • With the Apex Armor, Miko is the only field operative of Unit: E in the event of a Decepticon attack on Earth.
  • Miko is a parody of Mikaela Banes, for they are very similar : both are the female human protagonists, they have black hair, they have hardcore tomboy and no-nonsense attitude, they have unique interests, unlike the other girls (Miko : Rock Music and monster truck shows and Mikaela : mechanics, cars and motorcycles) and their first name is somewhat similar, with the first three letters : MIK = MIKo and MIKaela. However, while Mikaela was just in the film to provide a female character and was fiercely criticized for being just that, Miko is one of the four main female characters, actually serves as a strong ally to the Autobots, and ultimately becomes more responsible.
  • In one issue of the comics based on the series, Miko is called "Mika", likely an error by the writers.


  • Chores are done. Now can we do some dune bashing?"
  • "Another bot is coming here. How cool is that?"
  • "If I told ya, I'd have to rip out your spark chamber....kidding."
  • "I lost track!"
  • "I'll take good care of say cheese."
  • "You want some of this? Well do ya?"
  • "Detention uhh."
  • "I love this song *sings lyrics*"
  • "Uh oh here comes teacher and she doesn't look happy.....step on it Bulkhead!"
  • "And don't even worry about my host parents. I think I scare them."
  • "You sound like my parents."
  • "They may speak a different language, but you say the same things."
  • "I love breaking stuff. I wanna be just like you Bulk."
  • "You know this lunk head?"
  • "I always have your back Bulk. Got us a picture of the picture."
  • "Good timing Bulk. I was running out of history factoids. Stuff I didn't even know I knew."
  • "Can't wait to finish my history report. I'm gonna write all about how the Autobots interacted with ancient civilizations."
  • "But Raf, he's gotta get the girl. And beat the bully."
  • "Why no sir we do not know."
  • "Why would we know?"
  • "Twisted."
  • "What'd he say?"
  • "After today, I think I have zombie close up sealed in my brain."
  • "You didn't torte him?"
  • "Why don't you just marry her."
  • "Bulk what's happening? Tell me!"
  • "Do you even know who I am?"
  • "Ratchet actually laughed."
  • "The Cons killed a Unicorn?"
  • "You double cross anyone, my face is the face you will never forget. NEVER!!!"
  • "Optimus was a con?"
  • "Dude what about that?"
  • "Can't go to Cybertron, can't go storm the Decepticon space bridge."
  • "The big guy remembers us!!!"
  • "Taking the auto out of Autobot is so not a good idea."
  • "Ratchet's flat-lining!!!"
  • "Optimus was framed!"
  • "Doc Knock is knocked out."
  • "Dude."
  • "Bulkhead?"
  • "Bad things happens to bots when I leave their side."
  • "What happens next?"
  • "What's your story Smoke?"
  • "Yeah Bulk you gotta pull yourself out of this funk."
  • "What crawled up his tailpipe and died?!"
  • "Me too creepy."
  • "Optimus saved our planet!"
  • "A dragon?! Where did the Cons get a dragon?"
  • "Giant flying fire-breathing lizard."
  • "Whoa! Ahhh!"
  • "Bulkhead, you okay?"
  • "Why isn't it coming after us?"
  • "Yes! Snuff the tragic dragon!"
  • "We're toast."
  • "Jack!"
  • "Weakling."
  • "We think it's a robot dragon."
  • "Raf!"
  • "That would've come in handy when robo-dragon was trying to eat us for breakfast."
  • "Big whoop. I snuffed Hardshell."
  • "Guess again Jack-Rabbit."
  • "Optimus Prime the remix."
  • "Enjoy the Shadowzone dude."
  • "Watch it Ratchet."


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