This article is about the American Headmaster. For the Japanese Headmaster Junior who has an identical body, see Cab.

Hosehead is an Autobot Headmaster from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Hosehead boxart

His box art is a real beauty, eh.

Hosehead... well, he's got a nice personality. He's a nice guy, kind and well-meaning, courageous and willing to carry out his dangerous search and rescue function. Sometimes he even does it quite well. But he gets very flustered under pressure, to the point that he can do as much damage as good. His binary bond with the Nebulan star athlete Lug seems to be improving this problem.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 1

(Note: Events in italics occurred only in the Marvel UK books.)

In defiance of all logic, Hosehead is the one on the left.

Under unrevealed circumstances, Hosehead was binary-bonded to the Nebulan named Lug, and then taken prisoner by the Decepticons on Cybertron. As a field test for the new Decepticon lord Thunderwing, Hosehead was released free on Earth alongside his fellow prisoners Playback and Horsepower. Thunderwing was to hunt down and execute them in an uncontrolled environment. The Decepticon made the mistake of toying with his prey, however, killing Playback and then leisurely pursuing the others. Playback's death caught the attention of two Autobots from the Ark, Nightbeat and Siren. Horsepower was killed in the following combat, but the remaining trio of Autobots survived, besting Thunderwing with their whits, and became inseparable from then on as Hosehead joined the Ark's crew. The Big Shutdown


There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So's I spent most of my time looking for beer.

Hosehead and Siren were part of Nightbeat's team of Matrix hunters on the planet Pz-zazz. They helped Nightbeat unravel the mystery of the planet's missing life-force, but were subsequently captured by Thunderwing. Bird of Prey! Hosehead proved able to resist Thunderwing's Mindleach device, revealing nothing about the Matrix Quest. Kings of the Wild Frontier Hosehead and the others were subsequently freed when the device's equipment was damaged; they worked together to stop Thunderwing's Matrix-powered rampage aboard the Ark. Hosehead deactivated the Ark's articial gravity per Nightbeat's order, allowing suction to drag Thunderwing out of the ship. All Fall Down

Hosehead was among the casualties of the great battle with Unicron; his wrecked vehicle form is shown among the dead. Still Life!

Dreamwave comics continuity

During the Age of Internment, Hosehead remained free from Decepticon rule under Blaster and Perceptor's resistance cell. He was working with Nightbeat on a strike team to capture and study a member of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron, when suddenly...


Generation 1

  • Hosehead w/ Lug (Headmaster, 1988)
G1Hosehead toy

"This guy behind me just said for me to take off. So I tells him, No, YOU take off!"

Hosehead is a sweet fire truck. The area between the cabin and the rear of the truck has a seat that Headmaster unit, Lug, can sit on, but he can also be stowed inside the cabin itself (this method isn't as secure, however). The ladder base has a ratcheted joint, allowing it to rotate, while the ladder itself can extend out to 22cm in length and also has a movable compound nozzle. His head guns can be stored on the sides of the vehicle while his rifle can be plugged onto the ladder.
In robot mode, like all Headmaster toys, Hosehead has a flip-down panel on his chest which covers a spring-loaded mini tech spec meter which gives reads for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Lug (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. Lug has Hosehead's face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip down panel featured on larger Headmasters.
He shares a mold with the Japanese Headmaster Junior Cab with little or no changes.

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