Midship is a Unicron-allied Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Midship has anger issues. He's one of Unicron's many hunters, and he seems to really enjoy his job. He's incredibly loud, rude, and violent, a stark contrast to his teammate Top Gear's quieter form of menace. You can't help but hear Midship coming, but even so, it's probably too late anyway.


Armada animated continuity

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Micron Legend

  • Midship (DVD pack-in, 2003)
Midship is a redeco of the Armada Dirt Boss mold, transforming into a Peugeot-ish rallye car. He can also form the middle portion of the Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team's combined Magnawing mode. He was only available with Volume 3 of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD series in Japan.


  • According to "Linkage" author Hirofumi Ichikawa, Midship was not part of the crew of the Exodus; he is a newly-created Mini-Con sent to Earth by Unicron.

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