The Micron Booster sets are Japanese-exclusive Mini-Cons, sold in individual, blind-packed boxes. The plastic bags inside the box were opaque black as well. As such, buyers did not know what Mini-Con was inside the box until they opened them.

Micron Booster Ver.0Edit


The first assortment of Micron Boosters was sold as part of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) series. The versions of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team and the Race Mini-Con Team in this assortment are cast in a slightly-sparkly plastic with slightly-sparkly paint, but are otherwise nearly identical to the standard retail releases.

Ver.0 includes...

1. Rod
2. Atlas
3. Mach (Jetstorm)
4. Jetter (Runway)
5. Shuttler (Sonar)
6. Drift (Dirt Boss)
7. Spin (Downshift)
8. Indy (Mirage)

Micron Booster Ver.1Edit

New for the Super Link (Japanese Energon) series, the second assortment of Micron Boosters set the stage for the following waves. This time, the number of toys in the assortment brought up to twelve, and every single toy was redecoed as a new character.


Ver.1 includes...

1. Chrome
2. Thyristor
3. Synapse
4. Lens
5. Quantum
6. Beacon
7. Mile
8. Hover
9. Solar
10. Torque
11. Crunch
12. Spoil

Beacon, Lens and Quantum can combine to form the Blizzard Saber.

Micron Booster Vol.2Edit

The third Micron Booster set -still part of Super Link- introduced the "chase" toy to the mix; only half of the cases had the "headliner" Mini-Con Saber in it. As such, a full set of twelve Mini-Cons went for considerably more on the secondary market than an incomplete set of 11 without Saber in it.


Vol.2 includes...

1. Saber
2. Processor
3. Triac
4. Effect
5. Seeker
6. Blitz
7. Cluster
8. Rotor
9. Groove
10. Brake
11. Damper
12. Filter

Brake, Damper and Filter can combine to form Frenzy.

Micron Booster Ver.3Edit

The series continued with a single set in the Galaxy Force (Japanese Cybertron) series. Unlike previous assortments, buying a case of twelve did not guarantee you all eleven of the "common" Mini-Cons. Though it has yet to be confirmed, this is most likely due to the four "partner" Mini-Cons in the assortment who were made in larger numbers than the others, due to being gang-molded with their larger partners, who were part of the normal retail Galaxy Force line. As such, each case often had multiples of a couple of the "partners", missing some of the others, on top of the one-in-every-two-cases chaser piece Bug General.


It is worth noting that this series does not assign a faction to any of the Mini-Cons within. This is the only post-Armada Mini-Con release to not expressly associate its characters with one of the larger factions.

Ver.3 includes...

1. Bug General
2. Bug Drone
3. Gauge
4. Clamp
5. Trigger
6. Wrench
7. Socket
8. Plier
9. Bit
10. Dice
11. Jack
12. Plug

Micron Booster Ver. 4: Endless Battle - Eternal PrisonerEdit

In 2007, Takara brought back the Micron Booster series with a set of redecoes using the Classics Mini-Con molds (which had not been released in Japan previously). This set was available only at Japanese Circle K, Sunkus, Three F and Lawson stores. As far as chase pieces go, this set ups the ante by having two chases, Detectus and Chromebite, with only one of those two in a single case. Because there are only ten individuals in a case of twelve, that means two duplicates in any single case.

Although the title and subtitle for the series suggest some sort of story associated with the toys, the only known fiction is from the shipping/display case: "The battle between the Cybertrons and Destrons never ends. A new battle of the Micron Warriors has begun."

This series uses the "classic" Transformers logo, so presumably it takes someplace in the Japanese Generation One continuity. With the inclusion of characters bearing the Maximal and Predacon sigils, probably in a "transitional" period near the beginning of the Beast Era.

This assortment includes...

1. Radrogue
2. Gredator
3. Apexis
4. Windrazor
5. Gnashteeth
6. Reptix
7. Ironlunge
8. Refuser
9. Rockblade
10. Detectus
11. Chromebite

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