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Micromaster Combiner Transports are vehicles from the Generation One continuity family.

Micromaster Combiner Transports allow the tiny Micromasters to bring in the heavy artillery. These Transports are transformable battle rigs, which can be towed into combat by a pair of Micromaster Combiners who link up to the front and back end of the rig, and man the rig once it is converted to its battle mode.


Generation One commercial

Dreamwave continuity

Cement-Head or Terror-Tread may have been chilling out in Little Iacon. Or maybe it was a coloring error. The Gray Race


Generation One

The Micromaster Transports were sold boxed, with two Micromasters and a single transport between them. The Micromasters were redecos of molds that were sold simultaneously as members of the various Micromaster Combiner teams.
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