This article is about the tiny vehicles that combine in pairs. For the teams of 3 to 6 robots that make one big robot, see Combiner.
This article is about pairs of Micromasters that combine to form vehicles. For pairs of Micromasters that combine to form robots, see Combi-Micromaster.
Micromaster Combiners are pairs of Transformers from the Generation One continuity family.

Mass hysteria, Autobots and Decepticons combining together...

Most Micromasters function just like a typical larger-scaled Transformer: one robot mode, one vehicle mode. However, some transform into only half a vehicle, and must combine with a partner to form a complete vehicle mode. These Transformers are known as Micromaster Combiners.

Micromaster Combiner pairs typically include a front-end member and a back-end member. The connection points between the pairings are wired such that any front-end combiner can join with any rear-end combiner. In addition to the childish innuendos that this inevitably suggests, it also can result in the formation of some extremely bizarre vehicle combinations.


Generation One commercialEdit


But - he was over there - and now he's over here - and - OMG SO CONFUSED

A horde of Micromasters streamed into Megatron's base. Two pairs of them drove in circles on Megatron's table, confusing him. When he picked them up, they just split apart, recombined, and shot him in the face.

Dreamwave continuityEdit

A grayish-blue Micromaster seen only from the back was among the crowd relaxing in a neutral bar in Little Iacon. Some have speculated this may have been Cement-Head or Terror-Tread. The Gray Race

Note: Apart from this, the Micromaster Combiners were curiously absent from Dreamwave's Micromasters comic, which is the only fiction that most of the 1990 Micromasters ever appeared in.


Generation OneEdit


Come on! Let's go space truckin'!


Who's gonna drive you home? Not these guys.

The Micromaster Combiners were sold in carded "squads" with six Transformers to a squad, making up three vehicles. The pairings allowed much longer vehicle forms than the typical Micromaster, allowing such alternate forms as tractor-trailers and a hovercraft. Many of the vehicle modes, however, were fanciful at best.
Each Micromaster Combiner has a standardized post and hole on one end, allowing them to plug into any other Micromaster Combiner in vehicle mode. Of course, you're only supposed to combine front-end guys with back-end guys - but who can resist the absurdity of creating a flying dump truck or a truck with two cabs? As a side effect of the combination system, many of the Micromaster Combiners are stuck with vehicle forms that are utterly useless without their partners, such as half of a space shuttle, the container portion of a dump truck, or the trailer of a truck.
Several of these molds were redecoed and sold with transformable battle rigs as the Micromaster Combiner Transports. Each transport has ports that allow a Micromaster Combiner to plug into the ends. Additionally, the Autobot Battlefield Headquarters and the Decepticon Anti-Aircraft Base were commanded by a pair of unique Micromaster Combiners each.
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