Star Convoy's tractor trailer mode is four times longer than this one, yet his Action Master truck would still be bigger!

Micro Trailers were a gimmick introduced by Takara for Return of Convoy, the 1991 line of Japanese Transformers. Since Takara were releasing the previous year's Hasbro product and declined to market any of the Action Masters, this line was completely dominated by the Micromaster play pattern and the Micro Trailers were created to add more play value to it. Every set released in the line, save Grandus and Sixliner, came with a futuristic tractor trailer with the trailer section large enough to fit one Micromaster. They are spring-loaded, and by pressing a tab located below the Micro Trailer's front windows you can shoot a Micromaster across smooth surfaces.

Despite their blocky design the trailers were actually quite versatile. They had connectors on their sides to allow for several to be attached side-by-side. The post holes could also fit most Micromaster base weapons and accessories. The back ends also feature connectors to attach them to any "W" Team (aka Micromaster Combiner) member. Finally, there was a connection point on the trailer (at the cab end) allowing Microtrailers to be attached to Micromaster bases using the ramping system.

Sky Garry was designed to carry three of these little transports, Star Convoy could carry two in his trailer, while Grandus has space in his "base" mode for one.

Fourteen "different" Micro Trailers were produced, distinguished by the unique stickers that went on the sides of the trailer section. Also, the Micro Trailers that came with Micromaster teams were white, and the ones included with larger figures were black.

Sadly, the cab section does not detach and transform into another Micromaster for your Autobot army.


This truck would go heckuva lot faster if it had real wheels...

There are rumors of the other Autobot teams originally from the 1990 Zone line being re-released in 1991 with a Micro Trailer. This had appeared on and other sites, but their existence remains unconfirmed.

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